Mafia Brijesh Singh gets big relief from High Court in 37 year old Sikraura case, acquitted in murder case of seven people

Prayagraj News: Mafia and former MLC Brijesh Singh has got a big relief in the case of murder of seven people of the same family 37 years ago in Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh. Allahabad High Court has acquitted Brijesh Singh by upholding the decision of the lower court in the much talked about Sikraura case. The High Court acquitted nine accused including mafia Brijesh Singh in this case and refused to punish them. However, in the same case, the High Court has sentenced four other people accused along with Brijesh Singh to life imprisonment. These four accused along with Brijesh Singh were acquitted by the lower court. In such a situation, Brijesh Singh has got a big relief from the High Court, while it is being said that the aggrieved party will appeal in the Supreme Court against the decision of the High Court acquitting Brijesh Singh. Similarly, those who have been sentenced will also challenge the High Court’s decision in the Supreme Court.

These four people were sentenced to life imprisonment

In this much discussed case of UP, Allahabad High Court has convicted four accused Devendra Singh, Vakil Singh, Rakesh Singh and Pancham Singh and sentenced them to life imprisonment. The court has said in its decision that there are sufficient grounds against these four accused, hence they are given life imprisonment. A named report was filed against these four accused in the mass murder of seven people of the same family. While commenting, the High Court has also said that it was not right to release these four accused.

High Court reserved its decision on 9th November

The division bench of Chief Justice Pritinkar Diwakar and Justice Ajay Bhanot gave the verdict. After completion of the hearing in this case, the High Court had reserved its decision on 9 November. The woman of the victim’s family, Hiravati, and the UP government had challenged the trial court’s decision in the Allahabad High Court. In the verdict given in the year 2018, the trial court had acquitted all the 13 accused including mafia Brijesh Singh. Allahabad High Court reserved the decision after completion of arguments of all the parties.

Victim woman Hiravati filed appeal in court

On behalf of Hiravati, a woman from the victim’s family, her advocate Upendra Upadhyay had presented arguments in the court. The final hearing in the massacre case that took place 37 years ago was being held in the High Court on a day-to-day basis for the last few days. The victim woman Hiravati’s husband, two brothers-in-law and four innocent children were brutally murdered. The incident took place in Balua police station area of ​​the then Varanasi district. However, the incident site later shifted to Chandauli district. Mafia Brijesh Singh and his 13 other associates were accused of murder.

Chargesheet filed against 14 people including Brijesh Singh

A case has been registered against four named and unknown others at Balua Police Station in Varanasi district. FIR was registered under sections 148, 149, 302, 307, 120B of IPC and section 25 of Arms Act. The incident is of 10 April 1986. After completion of the investigation in this case, a charge sheet was filed against a total of 14 accused including Brijesh Singh. Sharda, daughter of victim Hiravati, was also injured in the murder. In the appeal filed by Hiravati in the High Court, it was said that the trial court had not taken into consideration the statement of daughter Sharda.

Brijesh Singh was acquitted despite the investigator’s statement

Sharda was seriously injured in this massacre and was also an eyewitness to the incident. However, the trial court did not accept his statement as any basis and said that it was dark at the time of the incident. In the police investigation, a fard was made from the materials used for lighting during the incident, including lanterns and torches. The investigator himself had given a statement that he had caught the accused Brijesh Singh at the time of the incident, yet the trial court had acquitted all the thirteen accused.

The victim’s arguments did not work

Hiravati’s advocate Upendra Upadhyay had repeatedly reiterated in the arguments presented in the High Court that there is sufficient ground against all the accused including Brijesh Singh. The decision of the trial court should be overturned and all the accused should be convicted and given maximum punishment. However, the High Court did not fully accept their arguments and acquitted 9 accused including Brijesh Singh and convicted only four accused and sentenced them to life imprisonment.

Challenge the High Court’s decision

The High Court had also summoned Brijesh Singh to the court in this case. In the hearing held in the High Court, accused Brijesh Singh had declared himself innocent. Upendra Upadhyay, lawyer of the victim woman Hiravati, said that he is not completely satisfied with this decision. The decision will be studied and if the victim’s family wishes, this decision of the High Court will be challenged in the Supreme Court.

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