Lucknow: First stabbed the mother, then threw her from the roof, opened the cylinder and set fire to the house, burnt the sister alive

Lucknow: A big accident took place in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. A girl died due to cylinder explosion late night in Matru locality under Cantt police station area. Two people have been injured there. The people around woke up after hearing the sound of the explosion. When he came out, he saw that there was hue and cry at Guddu’s house. On the other hand, seeing the mentally ill Salaman crowd, he started pelting stones. As soon as the information was received, the team of fire brigade and police reached. After hard work, the fire was controlled. Let’s know the whole matter.

what is the whole matter

In fact, mentally ill 28-year-old Salman, who lives in the neighborhood of Cantt Kotwali, first stabbed his old mother Mehrunnishan at night. After this, he was thrown down from the roof and went to the room and opened the gas cylinder and set it on fire. Due to the explosion of the cylinder, sister Ruby came under its grip and died. After this he climbed on the roof and started threatening to commit suicide by jumping. Police and firemen reached as soon as the information was received. Mehrunnishan was admitted to the hospital. Where his condition is said to be critical.

The accused is addicted to drugs

Guddu, the father of accused Salman, told that the son is addicted to ganja and drugs. He keeps fighting with the family members on the day he gets drunk. On Thursday morning, he had cut the vein of his hand. At night, he had a fight with his mother Mehrunnishan at home. After this, he was attacked with a knife and then thrown from the roof. The accused went to the room and opened the cylinder and set it on fire. The firemen brought the fire under control after a lot of effort. Due to the explosion of the cylinder, there have been cracks in the walls and roof of Guddu’s house. Along with this, the walls of many neighbors have cracked.

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