LPG-CNG prices may decrease in June, electric two wheelers will become expensive, there may be many more changes


Patna. Many changes can also be seen in the month of June. Apart from the rules of current and savings bank account, electric vehicle (E-V), there may be changes in the prices of LPG cylinders and CNG-PNG.

Big change in savings and current account

There will be a big change in savings and current account from June 1. This change will be regarding unclended deposits. National General Secretary of All India Officers’ Association, DN Trivedi told that the unclaimed amount will be settled from June 1 to the banks. He told that such savings and current accounts which have not been operated for the last ten years and the amount is left in them or no one has claimed within ten years from the date of maturity, then it will be considered as unclended deposit.

CNG – PNG rate

There is a change in the rate of CNG and PNG in the first week of every month. According to the officials of Gail India, there may be a change in the rates of CNG and PNG in the month of June. The prices of CNG and PNG were reduced in April. There may be a change in the prices of CNG-PNG in the next month.

lpg cylinder price change

There is also a change in the prices of LPG cylinders from the first of every month. In May, the price of LPG commercial gas cylinder was reduced by Rs 171. However, there was no change in the price of domestic gas cylinders. According to Dr. Ramnaresh Prasad Sinha, General Secretary of Bihar LPG Distributors Association, LPG prices may decrease this month.

Electric two wheelers will become expensive

There is going to be a big change in the subsidy regarding electric two wheeler from the month of June. Electric two-wheelers are going to be costlier in the country from June 1. Sushant Shekhar, director of Sneha Auto, said that the Ministry of Heavy Industries has revised the subsidy amount on the bike to Rs 10,000 per bike. Whereas earlier this amount was Rs 15 thousand per person. Due to this, most of the electric vehicles can be expensive from about 20 thousand rupees to 30 thousand rupees.


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