Lord Shri Ram is decorated with 5 kg of diamonds, gems and gold jewellery, only the crown weighs this much.

Ram Lala gold jewelery News

Let us tell you about the gold jewelery decorated on the idol of Lord Ram in Ayodhya. The jewelery of the idol of Lord Ram installed in the Ram temple in Ayodhya has been prepared by Harsahaymal Shyamlal Jewelers of Lucknow which is certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Ram Lala gold jewelery Mukut

First let us talk about Ramlala’s crown which is made of gold. Its weight is about 1.7 kg. To support the crown from the back, 22 carat gold has been used, which is about half a kilogram. Not only this, 75 carat diamonds, 135 carat Zambian emeralds and 262 carat rubies are giving a different look to the crown. This crown is designed for a five and a half year old child. The Sun is visible in the center of the crown, which is the symbol of the Suryavanshi logo, which represents the lineage of Lord Rama.

Ram Lala gold jewelery Tike

Now talking about the vaccine, it has also been made from gold. Its weight is approximately 16 grams, in which a three carat natural diamond is set in the center.

Ram Lala gold jewelery anguthi

Ramlala is seen wearing an emerald ring which weighs about 65 grams. This ring has about 4 carats of diamonds and 33 carats of emeralds. The center of the ring features a Zambian emerald which symbolizes the vibrant greenery of the forest. The ruby ​​ring designed for the left hand weighs approximately 26 grams. It is studded with both diamonds and rubies.

Ram Lala gold jewelery hair

The small round necklace made of yellow gold weighs approximately 500 grams. About 50 carats of diamonds, 150 carats of rubies and 380 carats of emeralds have been used in it. The Panchalada (five threads) weighs approximately 660 grams and is studded with 80 carat diamonds, 60 carat polki and 550 carat emeralds. Talking about Vijaymala, its weight is about 2 kg.

Ram Lala gold jewelery kamarbandh

The weight of Kamarbandh is approximately 0.75 kg which is made of yellow gold. Along with 70 carats of diamonds, it has about 850 carats of rubies and emeralds. It is a symbol of unbreakable strength, eternal virtues, courage, passion, wisdom, purity and elegance.

Ram Lala gold jewelery bajuband

The armlet which is worn on both the arms weighs approximately 400 grams. It is made from 22 carat gold. The weight of the bracelet or rather the bangles is about 850 grams which contains about 100 carats of diamonds. 320 carat ruby ​​and emerald have also been used in it.

Ram Lala gold jewelery payal

Pag Kuda, which is a type of anklet, weighs approximately 400 grams. It is studded with diamonds and rubies. Anklet, another foot ornament, is made of 22 carat gold, which weighs about half a kilo.

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