Lok Sabha Election Smriti Irani accused Rahul Gandhi

Loksabha Election 2024 : Union Minister Smriti Irani today visited Rahul Gandhi’s parliamentary constituency Wayanad and attacked him fiercely. Smriti Irani said that the way Rahul Gandhi hid the Muslim League flag in the nomination rally shows the real face of the Congress Party and Rahul Gandhi. He alleged that Rahul Gandhi wants to hide his relations with the Muslim League, he is afraid of what he will say about his relations with the Muslim League when he comes to North India and visits temples.

Rahul Gandhi has relations with PAFI

Smriti said that after coming to Wayanad, I am surprised that Rahul Gandhi also has relations with the banned terrorist organization PFI. Rahul Gandhi is taking support from the political leadership of PFI, is this not against the Constitution. Smriti Irani said that Rahul Gandhi speaks against Sanatan Dharma in Wayanad and comes to North India and visits temples.

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