Lok Sabha Election 2024 Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s public meeting today in Gaya and Purnia

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Prime Minister Narendra Modi will seek votes by campaigning in favor of NDA candidates in Gaya and Purnia Lok Sabha constituencies of Bihar on Tuesday. He will first participate in the public meeting organized at Gandhi Maidan in Gaya city at 9.30 am. In this public meeting, Prime Minister Modi will seek votes from NDA in favor of secular candidate Jitan Ram Manjhi. After this the Prime Minister will leave for Purnia. Their meeting will be held at Rangbhoomi ground in Purnia from 12 noon. In this meeting, he will campaign for NDA’s JDU candidate Santosh Kushwaha from Purnia Lok Sabha and seek votes. After the meeting in Purnia, the Prime Minister will leave for West Bengal.

PM Modi went today and before the public meeting in Purnia, former Deputy CM of Bihar Tejashwi Yadav asked 10 questions on his speech. He has written on his social media account that “Prime Minister is welcome again to the glorious land of Bihar today. You have been the Prime Minister of the country for the last 10 years. Hopefully, now instead of blaming the opposition for every failure, you will objectively observe the shortcomings of the government and focus your speech on them. It is hoped that instead of doing a monologue, you will give factual answers to the following legitimate questions of the Bihari public in your speech.”

  1. Prime Minister, when a leader is in the opposition, he is very corrupt in your eyes, but as soon as he joins BJP, how does he become Raja Harishchandra, synonymous with honesty? According to you, by including 23 leaders who are facing investigation in the Rs 70,000 scam like Ajit Pawar, Praful Patel, Reddy Brothers, Hemant Viswa Sharma, Mukul Roy, Narayan Rane, Ashok Chavan, Shubhendu Adhikari etc. in BJP, have you shown honesty? Have given?
  2. Prime Minister, in the last election meetings, when you were not with JDU for a few days, you used to count in a long breath the 33 alleged scams that took place in the Nitish government with a long list. Do you still believe that those 33 scams took place? If so, did your government conduct any investigation? If you don’t remember those 33 scams, can you send a video of them?
  3. Prime Minister, have you done a comparative study of different categories of crime in Bihar from 1990 to 2005 and from 2005 to 2023, released by NCRB, year after year? Especially those 15 years when your party has been in government here? Would you like to give a speech in the form of a speech on crime and the so-called Jungle Raj by looking at the comparative figures of NCRB every year?
  4. Prime Minister, when you come to Bihar, why do you start playing the same old cassette on corruption, dynasty rule and law and order? Do you forget that BJP has been a major partner in the Bihar government for more than 15 years? Don’t you know that a child born in 2005 is a voter today? Instead of providing him quality education, health, legal system and job, you show him the ghost of the past so that he cannot question you on job and employment? This is true isn’t it?
  5. Prime Minister, is it true that you always call the opposition corrupt only to hide the organized, institutional and systematic corruption of BJP?
  6. Prime Minister, why did you introduce electoral bonds for 5 years and why did BJP get the maximum benefit from it? If it was so transparent then why did the Central Government tell the Supreme Court that citizens have no right to know the election donations of political parties?
  7. Party candidates and MPs from many of your states are openly seeking votes in the name of changing the Constitution. What action did you take on all of them? Does this mean that you also support their intention to change the Constitution? If not then why has he been made a candidate?
  8. When we were in the Bihar government, we increased the reservation limit to 75 percent and had sent a proposal to the Central Government to include it in the 9th Schedule of the Constitution. Why did you not include it in the 9th Schedule even after months? Are you against reservation?
  9. Prime Minister, will you tell Bihar, the state with the highest youth population in the country, how many youth of Bihar have you given jobs at the Center in the last 10 years? Are crores of youth overworked waiting for jobs? How many industries did you establish and how much investment did you make in Bihar, which gave you 39 MPs, compared to your home state?
  10. Prime Minister, 10 years ago you had promised the people of Bihar to give special status to Bihar, 𝟐 crore jobs every year, special package or special development with special attention. Are you still standing on that promise or have you stopped paying attention to Bihar or will you fulfill those promises in 2147 after the 60 days demanded in 2014, 100 days then 60 months, then 2022 and now the new 𝐓𝐢𝐦 𝐥𝐢𝐧 2027? ? All the people of Bihar will eagerly wait for your positive reply.

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