Lok Sabha Election 2024: Now fight between BJP and Trinamool on Barrackpore seat dominated by Congress and Left parties.

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Barrackpore, West Bengal Lok Sabha constituency (Lok Sabha Seat) has traditionally been considered an area dominated by Congress and Left parties. But if we look at recent years, there is a direct fight between BJP and Trinamool Congress. This area, notorious for violence and bombings, is dotted with jute mills and other factories. In the first general elections of 1952, Ramanand Das of Congress had won from here. In the next election, Praja Socialist Party candidate Vimal Kumar Ghosh won. In the general elections of 1962, Renu Devnath of CPI(M) and Mohammad Ismail of the same party won in the next election. Congress made a comeback in the 1977 elections and Saugata Roy became MP from here. Mohammad Ismail made a comeback in the next election and won the 1980 elections.

The storm of change started blowing in Bengal in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections.

Devi Ghoshal of Congress won the 1984 elections. But from 1989 to 2004 elections, CPI(M)’s thunderbolts kept winning from here continuously. Shri Topdar was considered a strong leader of CPI(M). But in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, the storm of change started blowing in West Bengal. Trinamool candidate Dinesh Trivedi won the 2009 elections from here and became MP. Mr. Trivedi got 4.28 lakh votes. Tadit Baran Topdar, who stood second, got only 3.72 lakh votes. Mr. Trivedi got 49.28 percent of the total votes.

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Arjun Singh, who switched from Trinamool to BJP, had registered victory in 2019.

Whereas Mr. Topdar had to be satisfied with only 42.84 percent. In 2014 also Dinesh Trivedi repeated his success and won. He got 4.79 lakh votes. By securing 45.59 percent of the total votes, she pushed CPI(M)’s Suhasini Ali to second place. Suhasini Ali got 2.72 lakh votes. But in 2019, Arjun Singh, who switched from Trinamool to BJP, contested the elections on BJP ticket and defeated Dinesh Trivedi. Arjun Singh, who is closely associated with the politics of Barrackpore, got 4.72 lakh votes in this election. He pushed Dinesh Trivedi, who was preparing to score a hat-trick of victory, to second place. Dinesh Trivedi got 4.58 lakh votes. While Arjun Singh got 42.82 percent of the total votes, Dinesh Trivedi got 41.48 percent.

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Arjun took blessings of Mukul Rai

Mukul Rai, once known as the political Chanakya of Bengal, is currently unwell. After becoming BJP candidate from Barrackpore Lok Sabha constituency, Arjun Singh met Mukul Rai. Arjun Singh went to Mukul Rai’s house in Kanchrapara. Also took a bouquet of flowers along with him. Mukul was very happy to see Arjun. There was a conversation between the two for some time. Later, while talking to reporters, he said that he went to the house of senior leader Mukul Rai and took his blessings. His relationship with them is not current but is quite old. He also made him wear Uttariya after saying Vijay Bhava. Arjun Singh said that Mukul Rai had told him that he will win. It is noteworthy that Trinamool candidate Partha Bhowmik had also visited Mukul Rai’s house a few days ago and taken blessings.

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BJP got strength due to return of Arjun Singh

Traditionally, BJP has never been strong in this Lok Sabha constituency. If we look at the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, BJP candidate Prabhakar Tiwari got only 30 thousand 970 votes. He got only 3.56 percent of the total votes. In 2014, the BJP led government was formed at the centre. But in Barrackpore Lok Sabha constituency, BJP candidate Ramesh Kumar Handa stood third. He definitely got 2.30 lakh votes but it was only 21.92 percent of the total votes. But after Arjun Singh joined BJP in 2019, he won from here. Not only this, Arjun Singh’s son Pawan Kumar Singh also became MLA from Bhatpara on BJP ticket. This time, while Trinamool Congress has given ticket to Partha Bhowmik for Barrackpore Lok Sabha seat, BJP has given ticket to Arjun Singh. There is a possibility of a strong contest in the elections.

Dilip Ghosh himself stood in the dock by commenting on Mamata Banerjee, party sent notice

Arjun Singh is predicting 80% seats for the party after returning to BJP.

Arjun Singh, who won the election from Barrackpore on BJP ticket in 2019, has once again joined Trinamool. In fact, in 2019, Trinamool had given ticket to Dinesh Trivedi in his place. After this he joined BJP. He also registered victory in the elections. However, about one and a half years ago he returned back to Trinamool. But the repeat of 2019 was once again seen in 2024. Ignoring Arjun Singh from Barrackpore seat in the Lok Sabha elections, Trinamool gave ticket to Naihati MLA and state Irrigation Minister Partha Bhowmik. After not getting the ticket, Arjun Singh had said that while returning to Trinamool, he had told the party that he would contest the elections from Barrackpore only. Not outside Barrackpore. Due to procrastination the ticket was ultimately not given. After this Mr. Singh again joined BJP. After holding the BJP flag, he said that he is confident that this time BJP will win 80 percent seats in Bengal. It will win 35 out of 42 Lok Sabha seats in the state.

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Controversy over Parth’s statement

The statement of Trinamool candidate from Barrackpur Lok Sabha constituency and Naihati MLA Partha Bhowmik has sparked controversy. Through his statement in the election rally, he has been accused of ‘greed’ for the award. BJP has also expressed strong opposition to this. In fact, in a meeting, Partha Bhowmik allegedly said that an announcement has been made for the Panchayats. MP Abhishek Banerjee has said that this is his declared policy. Mamata Banerjee will give the money for the housing scheme of those panchayat areas which will make Trinamool Congress win in the elections within December itself. The money for the housing scheme will be given to those who give Trinamool lead in the Panchayat elections. Therefore there should be competition among the Panchayats. Same is the case in municipalities too. Prize will be given in 2024 also. There has been a stir in the political circles regarding his statement.

Shilbhadra Dutt took a dig at Partha Bhowmik

State BJP spokesperson Shilabhadra Dutt said that Partha Bhowmik knows that he will not get votes. Therefore he is trying to buy votes through greed and allurement. This is the culture of Trinamool Congress. Housing scheme money cannot be given to any panchayat before or after. This is central government’s money. Parth Bhowmik knows very well that there is no possibility of winning, hence he is trying every possible way to mislead people. He also claimed that this is a violation of the Model Code of Conduct.

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07 assembly constituencies of Barrackpore

  • Amdanga Trinamool Rafiqur Rahman
  • Bijpur Trinamool Subodh Adhikari
  • Naihati Trinamool Partha Bhowmik
  • Bhatpara BJP Pawan Kumar Singh
  • Jagdal Trinamool Somnath Shyam
  • Noapada Trinamool Manju Basu
  • Barrackpore Trinamool Raj Chakraborty

Voter statistics

  • total voters 1433276
  • male voters 739354
  • women voters 693893
  • third gender 000029

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