Lok Sabha Election 2024: Last time BJP lost in Arambag by thousand votes, this time a tough fight is expected.

Lok Sabha Election 2024 : The commotion has intensified after the Lok Sabha elections in the country. Currently, the political fight is going on in full swing in Bengal also. Arambag seat located in Hooghly district is also included among the high-profile Lok Sabha seats. In 2019, BJP had lagged here by just a thousand votes. With time, BJP increased its strength here considerably. This time a tough competition is expected on this seat. This seat was reserved for Scheduled Castes in 2009. If we look at the political history of this place, we will come to know that earlier this seat was dominated by CPI(M). CPI(M) candidates have been winning from here with huge margins.

Lok Sabha seat formed in 1967

This Lok Sabha seat was formed in 1967. For the first time, Amio Nath Bose of Forward Bloc won the election from here. He defeated S Choudhary of Congress. In 1971, CPI(M)’s Manoranjan Hazra won from here and snatched this seat from the Forward Bloc. Congress stood second here. In 1977, Prafull Chandra Sen of Janata Party won from here. Janata Party came into existence after the Emergency. CPI(M) again returned to this seat in 1980. Vijay Krishna Modak of CPI(M) was successful in winning the election from here. After this, CPI(M)’s influence remained intact here from 1984 to 2009. Anil Basu of CPI(M) kept winning from here.

There was fierce competition among political parties

In 1984, Anil Basu became MP from here for the first time. After that, he continued his victorious journey till 1989, 1991, 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2004. In 2009 also, CPI(M)’s Shakti Mohan Malik took forward the victory campaign of CPI(M). In the 2009 elections, CPI(M) won from here, but Trinamool Congress made its strength felt here. For the first time in the elections held in 2014, Trinamool Congress was successful in winning from here. Trinamool’s Aparupa Poddar (Afreen Ali) won from here. He got 54.94 percent votes. CPI(M)’s Shakti Mohan stood second. He got 29.51 percent votes. CPI(M)’s vote declined by 25.29 percent. Whereas BJP’s Madhusudan Bagh got only 11.63 percent votes.

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BJP made its strength felt here in the elections held in 2019.

If we look at the election data of 2009, Shakti Mohan Malik of CPI(M) had got 54.80 percent votes, but there was a decrease of 22.99 percent in the votes of CPI(M). Congress stood second in this election. Whereas BJP’s Murari Bera got 4.96 percent votes. In the last elections held in 2019, BJP made its strength felt here. In this election, Trinamool’s Aparupa Poddar got 44.14 percent votes. Whereas BJP candidate Tapan Kumar Rai got 44.06 percent votes. While Trinamool’s vote decreased by 10.79 percent, BJP’s vote increased by 32.45 percent. BJP had to face defeat from here by a very small margin. CPI(M)’s Shakti Mohan Malik reached third place. He got only 6.83 percent votes.

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Trinamool struggling with infighting in Arambag
The effect of internal strife in Arambag Trinamool Congress is visible on the Lok Sabha election campaign. This has increased the concern of the top leadership of the party. The process of convincing angry leaders and workers is going on. On Monday, Minister Firhad Hakim tried to resolve the matter by holding a meeting with local leaders. Last time, Trinamool’s Aparupa Poddar had won from Arambag seat by a margin of more than 1000 votes. This time, increasing the vote margin is a big challenge for Trinamool, but many leaders are angry with Mithali Bagh being given the ticket this time. A few days ago, Trinamool candidate from Srirampur seat, Kalyan Banerjee had tried to resolve the mutual dispute by holding a meeting here, but even after that not everyone is seen campaigning. On Monday, Firhad held a meeting with 55 angry party leaders from Tarakeshwar, Pursura, Khanakul, Arambag and Goghat in Maliya, Haripal.

Firhad had to come to make peace, still resentment persists

According to party sources, he expressed his anger to Firhad mainly regarding ticket distribution in the Panchayat elections. During the meeting, when Firhad asked the angry Najibul Karim to join the election campaign, Khanakul-2 block president Ramen Pramanik opposed it. The debate started. Ramen said that he would not support Najibul if he handed over the responsibility. It is being said that due to the objections raised by other leaders along with Ramen, Firhad had to agree to leave Najibul and do the election work. After the meeting, Firhad claimed that only Trinamool will win in Arambag. He said that he came here on the instructions of Mamata di. The problems that existed between the party leaders have been resolved. Everyone has started campaigning. However, after Firhad’s departure, there was a heated argument with Tarakeswar Municipality President Uttam Kundu and the party’s Arambagh organizational district president and Tarakeswar MLA Ramendu Singh Rai. Minister Becharam Manna had to intervene.

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Current MP of Arambag lack of funds became a hindrance in the way of party ticket

This time Trinamool Congress did not give ticket for Lok Sabha elections to Aparupa Poddar, who was MP from Arambag twice. Trinamool has expressed confidence in Mithali Bagh in his place. The former MP has expressed his displeasure on this. Venting his anger, he said, “I was not given a ticket this time because I did not have money to contest the elections.” Targeting some party leaders, he said, “Why I did not get the ticket, an MP and two ministers from Hooghly can answer this. They knew that I did not have money to contest the elections. Maybe, he might have told this to Didi.” It is being said that Aparupa was referring to former Shrirampur MP and Trinamool candidate Kalyan Bandyopadhyay and Snehasish Chakraborty and Becharam Manna, who got a place in the state cabinet from Hooghly.

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Kalyan Banerjee had said that here no one gets a ticket after seeing money.

The former MP further said that maybe I was not eligible, that is why I was not given the ticket this time.
When asked whether one gets financial help from the party after becoming a candidate, Aparupa replied, “Money is needed along with contesting elections. The party does not pay the money immediately. There is a process to get money from the party. On the other hand, Transport Minister Snehashish Chakraborty says that there is no need for recommendation from the minister, MP or anyone else, because Didi knows everything. At the same time, on Aparupa’s allegations, Kalyan Banerjee had said that here no one gets a ticket after seeing money.

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Trinamool expressed confidence in Bhumiputri, not the heavyweight

This time, instead of a heavyweight leader from Arambagh, Trinamool Congress has made Mithali Bagh, a daughter of land and living in a mud house, its candidate. He is an Anganwadi worker by profession. At present, she is a member of Hooghly District Council and President of Goghat-2 Block Mahila Trinamool Congress. She has also handled the responsibility of Panchayat and Panchayat Committee member. However, there is confusion among the party leaders as no famous face has been given ticket from this seat. A section of party leaders are apprehensive about Mithali’s victory, calling her a weak candidate. On the other hand, the other side believes that the party’s decision to make a grassroots level person its candidate will definitely achieve positive results. Mamata Banerjee: Mamata Banerjee said, CAA is a political move of BJP before Lok Sabha elections.

Narendra Modi held his first meeting in Arambag
The way BJP showed its power in Arambag last time, the enthusiasm of BJP was immense. In view of this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the Lok Sabha elections going to be held this year in Bengal from Arambagh itself. This was his first meeting in Bengal. Many meanings are also being seen in starting the meeting from Arambag. A large crowd was also seen in the meeting. The Prime Minister had inaugurated, laid the foundation stone and dedicated projects worth Rs 7200 crore. On the occasion, PM also raised the issue of Sandeshkhali. He had said that the effect of the work done by the Central Government is also being seen. He had warned the scammers from this meeting. He said that Modi will not spare those who commit scams. They will definitely get punished.

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Voter statistics

  • Male voters: 904546
  • Women voters: 858431
  • Third Gender: 000018

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