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Like rich states, the quality of treatment in Jharkhand’s private hospitals is at the lowest level.

Manoj Singh, Ranchi:

The Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation of the Government of India has conducted a survey regarding the expenditure incurred during treatment in private hospitals. It was found that the expenditure on treatment in private hospitals of Jharkhand is similar to that of rich states. But, the quality of treatment is at a lower level with some states. The ministry has conducted a scientific study of this survey conducted across the country. It has been found that if people of Jharkhand get admitted to a hospital and get treatment, then 14.3% of the expenditure is on doctors’ fees. This is much higher than many states. The expenditure on investigation is also more than that of many states. The survey has found that people of Jharkhand have to spend about 8.3% of the amount on various types of tests when admitted to private hospitals. At the same time, the expenditure on medicines is about 17%. Patients have to spend the remaining amount on the package components (operation theater charges, OT items, OT medicine, bed charges, operating doctor’s fees). In the country’s capital, most of the expenditure is on package components. There, about 87% of the amount has to be spent on this item, whereas only 3.5% has to be spent on doctors’ fees, 2.3% on tests and 2.5% on medicines.

Even in Bihar, the expenditure on doctor’s fees is less than in Jharkhand:

It has been told in the survey that in case of treatment in private hospitals, the expenditure on doctors’ fees in Bihar is less than in Jharkhand. In Jharkhand, 14.3% is spent on doctors’ fees, while in Bihar, 10.4% is spent. The cost of medicines in Bihar is more than that of Jharkhand. About 21% of the expenditure there is on medicines. In Delhi as well as in West Bengal, patients have to spend less on medical expenses for treatment.

Quality of treatment is worrying:

Quality Adjustment Life (QAL) method has also been used during the survey. Through this, an attempt has been made to know how far people are able to stay away from the disease even after treatment. For this, an indicator from zero to one has been made. An indicator closer to zero is said to be closer to the disease and an indicator closer to one is said to be farther away from the disease. In this indicator, Jharkhand has been given an indicator of 0.11. According to this, the life of the people of Jharkhand is not good even after treatment and without disease. This indicator of many states is more than 0.50.


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