Lathi charge on Gram Raksha Dal members in Patna, police friends were protesting with their demands outside BJP office – BollywoodWallah

Gram Raksha Dal members had reached the BJP office in the capital Patna on Friday with their demands, but due to the absence of ministers in the office, their anger increased and an uproar started. After which the police took charge and began efforts to disperse the creating ruckus. Seeing the increasing anger of the protesters, the police also used mild force to bring the situation under control. The police had to lathi charge. Let us tell you that Gram Raksha Dal members are protesting in Patna demanding increase in honorarium and making the job permanent.

These Gram Raksha Dal members and police friends had reached the BJP office demanding increase in salary and making the job permanent. During this, angry protesters started creating ruckus. After which a large number of police personnel reached the spot and lathi-charged the protesting Police Mitras and Gram Raksha Dal (Village Raksha Dal cum Police Mitras). After which the protesters could move away from the BJP office.

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