Kudmi movement: 72 trains will be canceled today, know the status of trains passing through Ranchi


Kudmi Movement: The agitation, which started on Wednesday, April 5, 2023, for the demand of including Kudmi in the Scheduled Tribes (ST), continued for the third day on Friday. A large number of Kudmi community people are sitting on the railway tracks at Khemashuli station in Kharagpur division and Kustor station in Adra division. Due to this, South-Eastern Railway (SE) has had to cancel 244 trains so far. Due to this, the Railways have suffered a loss of crores. Kharagpur division alone is reported to have suffered a loss of Rs 25 crore. During this, thousands of passengers are unable to reach their destination stations. People are stranded at the stations. On Friday, 71 trains from South had to be cancelled. A list of cancellation of 72 trains has been issued on April 8 (Saturday). These include long distance as well as many local trains.

situation worrying

Changes have also been made in the route of many trains. On Thursday, on the second day of chakka jam, 88 mail, express and local trains were cancelled. South Eastern officials say that link trains are not able to reach Howrah, Kharagpur and Santragachi stations due to being stuck at various stations. The situation is quite worrying. The operation of trains of Kharagpur division has been badly affected. Even after several rounds of meetings, the protesters are not ready to budge.

14 trains will be canceled from Ranchi as well

Due to the Kudmi movement, 14 trains running from Ranchi Railway Division will remain canceled on Saturday for the fourth day as well. Here, on Friday, due to the affected operation of trains, the passengers of Ranchi railway station were stranded for hours. Senior DCM Nishant Kumar told that 22 trains were affected on Friday due to the agitation.

Today these trains will be canceled

– Allapuzha (Alleppey)-dhanbad Express (13352)

– Hatia-Kharagpur Express Train (18036/18035)

– Hatia-Howrah Kriyayog Express (18616/18615)

– New Delhi-bhubaneswar Rajdhani Express (22824)

– Howrah-ranchi Express (22891)

– Ranchi-howrah Express (22892)

– Gorakhpur-hatia Maurya Ex (15028)

– Islampur-hatia Ex (18623)

– Godda-ranchi Express (13319)

– Kamakhya-ranchi Ex (05671)

– Anandvihar-hatia Ex (12818)

– Secunderabad-raxaul Ex (17007)


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