Kota: Parents should understand that life is precious, studies can be done anytime, but if the child goes into depression then…

On Tuesday night in Kota city of Rajasthan, Richa Sinha of Ranchi committed suicide by hanging herself in her hostel room. That girl was only 16 years old. This is the 25th incident of suicide by teenagers in Kota city this year. Kota, once famous for the better performance of students in competitive examinations, is today known for teenage suicide. The situation in Kota city has become quite different, which is alarming and frightening to a great extent. This year, a total of 25 students have reported suicide from Kota. All these children who committed suicide had gone there to prepare for NEET or JEE Mains.

What is the cause of depression?

When a child or child commits suicide, the family members and the administration come into action, but the question here is why those children are committing suicide who were born with golden dreams of the future in their eyes. Someone wanted to become a doctor and someone wanted to become an engineer. Then what happened to these children that even the family members had no clue and then one day they are seen shouldering the dead bodies of their children. Experts say that the child was in depression. After all, to know what kind of anxiety exists at the age of 16-17 years due to which the child goes into depression, we talked to Dr. Pawan Varnwal, a famous psychiatrist of Ranchi. The information that came out in this conversation is not only shocking, but also raises questions on the entire society.

commit suicide in search of happiness

Dr. Pawan Varnwal says that the biggest reason for suicide is depression. When any person commits suicide, the reason behind it is depression. Any person commits suicide when he feels that there is nothing left in his life. All avenues have been closed for him. In these circumstances, in search of happiness, they adopt the path of suicide, because they feel that suicide will end their sorrows.

Thoughts of suicide keep coming to mind

As far as suicidal tendencies are concerned, I want to tell you that no person commits suicide in a day. Such thoughts come to his mind many times before a successful suicide attempt. He keeps thinking about suicide. It is quite possible that he may have even attempted suicide unsuccessfully. What I mean to say is that suicide is not something that can be done in one day; a person just thinks of it and just goes and commits suicide. He plans for this for months and only then takes the final decision. Certainly it seems to him that there is no option left, then he commits suicide.

Suicide and mental state

In the kind of incidents that have come to light in Kota this year, most of the children are those who had gone to Kota a year or a few months ago and were preparing for NEET or JEE Mains. In such a situation, the big question is whether even in such a short time the mental condition of a teenager becomes such that he commits suicide? Answering this, Dr. Pawan Varnwal says that whatever student commits suicide, the reason behind it is not formed in a day. You will see that even when the child was at home, the circumstances must have been such that the child goes into depression. Many such things keep going on in his mind. As far as time is concerned, it is important for you to know that five-six months is enough time to trouble any person. He can become frustrated with his circumstances in such a short time. Their personality is different, they have less ability to bear pressure and this is the reason why they take steps like suicide within a few months.

reason for suicide

No person commits suicide just like that, there is a complete history behind it. If we take information about those children, we will come to know that the circumstances of the children were such from the beginning that the child takes steps like suicide. The most important among these is his family environment. It often happens that the environment of the child’s family is very stressful, due to which the child is not happy and is always under stress. The second main reason is the structure of the family. If there is a problem in the structure of the child’s family, it will affect the child as well. Many times there is a history of suicide in the family. The third reason is the excessive burden of studies on the child and the fourth and important reason is love affairs. The child’s brain is not mature during adolescence. In such a situation, when the child fails in love affair or his partner goes away with someone else, then it becomes difficult for him to live.

Parents’ expectations have a negative impact on children

The fifth and important reason is the expectations of the parents. Every parent wants their child to be successful in life and live a better life. But sometimes the expectations of parents weigh heavily on children. For example, if a child is not interested in science, then how will he study engineering or medicine? In such a situation, when a child takes admission in coaching to fulfill the expectations of his parents and is unable to fulfill their expectations, he goes into severe depression and many times tries to commit suicide. Socio-economic status also affects the child. If a child sees that his parents are struggling a lot to educate him and he is not living up to their expectations, then he starts getting worried and then goes into depression. The child’s mind is very flexible, No parent deliberately puts pressure on their children, but the child is unable to understand all these things and gets upset. Negative things start running in his mind.

the child becomes lonely

Some children who go away from home for studies say that they often find themselves lonely and burdened by the burden of daily routine of studies, competition at every step, regular pressure to do better and expectations of their family members. There is no one present with them to share. Many times their parents tell them not to make too many friends, they will divert you from your goals, in such a situation the child becomes completely alone. There is no principle of friendship in coaching institutes, there are only competitors. Every student sitting next to you is seen as an additional competitor with whom you have to compete. It is not like school and college, no one shares notes with you here because everyone sees you as a threat who can snatch your seat in your favorite college. In these circumstances, children remain troubled and those who cannot tolerate these things go into depression.

Parents should understand children and give them time.

There should not be any kind of pressure on the minds of children and they can live their lives well, this starts from the family only. No one understands children more than their parents. Therefore it is important that parents give time to their children. Understand their needs, have expectations from them, but according to their capacity. If parents send their children to study outside, their responsibility increases further. They should always take care that the child does not feel lonely. Maintain closeness to the child. Talk to them on phone, go to meet them, so that the child feels that the full support of the family is with him, he is not alone, only then he will share his thoughts with the family and will not remain isolated. It is also the responsibility of the coaching institute to understand the children and pay attention to them. If a child is troubled, then solve his problem and if this does not seem to be happening, then talk to his family members and get the child treated immediately. Get him counselling. Talk to the child’s friends and teachers, so that the child can get proper and timely treatment. Dr. Pawan Varnwal says that if parents feel that any kind of negative factors are visible in their child, then they should immediately get their child treated and if there is no benefit, then they should take their child through coaching. Should be brought back, because life saving is most important. Study can be done anytime, anywhere, but life is precious.

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