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There is a controversy going on for the last few days regarding what will be the time for teachers to come and go to school in government schools of Bihar. This issue is also heated in the Assembly and Legislative Council. After the announcement made by CM Nitish Kumar in the Assembly, the controversy has deepened regarding the order issued by the Education Department. Additional Chief Secretary KK Pathak is on target of political parties regarding his order. Meanwhile, know what the readers have said during their visit to the schools of the districts regarding the timing of teachers coming to school.

What did KK Pathak say now on the timing of teachers?

Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department, KK Pathak, during his visit to an educational institution in Katihar, said that you guys should come to school a little before 10 in the morning and wait for some time after 4 o’clock and leave. He was addressing the teachers. This address of his is going viral on his Twitter handle. Additional Chief Secretary KK Pathak told the teachers that since there are weak children. They have to teach. During inspection it was found that the eighth class child was not able to read Hindi. Forget about other subjects. We have to stop and teach something for such children. In this way it became clear that teachers have got relief from the problem of coming before nine o’clock.

Education Minister said in the House..

The government will ensure compliance with the Chief Minister’s announcement in the House regarding the opening and closing of schools. He has said that the government will not allow the fundamental rights of any citizen to be violated. This information was given by Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary in response to the short notice question of JDU’s Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh and many other members in the first shift of the Legislative Council.

The issue of timing of schools came up.

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh, through a short notice question, raised the issue of salary cut and suspension of many teachers and termed it as a violation of fundamental rights. The issue of timing of schools also came up during the discussion. During this, RJD’s Ramchandra Purve said that the announcement of the House is an executive order. Maheshwar Singh said that what message is being sent to the general public by this? During this, BJP’s Naval Kishore Yadav and CPI’s Sanjay Kumar Singh participated in the discussion.

Former CM Rabri Devi said..

Outside the Bihar Legislative Council, Leader of Opposition and former Chief Minister Rabri Devi said that the officials are not listening due to her repeatedly turning here and there. KK Pathak, Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department, does not even listen to the Chief Minister. Teachers’ salaries are being cut. RJD MLA Bhai Virendra said that the Chief Minister’s order is that classes will start at 10 am and teachers will reach school 15 minutes earlier, but if his order is not being followed, then it is a big irony. Readers are harassing teachers. The Chief Minister has come to make records in politics. That is why he takes oath again and again while moving here and there. Where do they care about the public?

JDU MLC said- Whatever the CM said is a Brahma sentence..

CPI-ML legislative party leader Mehboob Alam said that teachers are getting worried. The government and the department should give correct information to the teachers as to when they have to come to school. Even today the Left party demonstrated in the campus regarding this. MLC Neeraj Kumar said that the letter issued is wrong, what the Chief Minister has said is a Brahma sentence and it will be implemented.

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