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Kiss Day Valentine Status: Touch your lips… Write this status in their name on the most special day of Valentine’s Week.

Happy Kiss Day 2024 Valentine Status: February is the month of love. People celebrate Valentine’s Week in this month. It starts on 7th February. The first day is Rose Day and after that the second day is Propose Day, the third day is Chocolate Day, the fourth day is Promise Day, the fifth day is Teddy Day, the sixth day is Hug Day and the seventh day is Kiss Day.

It concludes with Valentine’s Day on 14 February. As we just told, people celebrate the seventh day of Valentine’s Week as Kiss Day. Kiss Day is a special day to express your love towards your partner. On which day in Valentine’s Week, you can convey the message of your love to your partner through some special messages and status through social media. Let’s take a look-

Happy Kiss Day 2024 Messages, Quotes, Whatsapp Status

Wherever I see only your face…

May my lips touch your lips,

Wherever I look I see only your face,

May our relationship become something like this,

Let our hearts also connect with our lips.

Happy kiss day!


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