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Khunti: Bikes and vehicles are being bought with black money from opium farming.

Ranchi: As soon as we move from the urban area of ​​Khunti towards the remote rural areas, especially Maranghada, Ciladon, Murhu, Soyko etc., the poppy crop is seen blooming in the fields amidst the forests and hills. The pink and white colored flowers of poppy look quite attractive. But it is being cultivated here for opium. The seeds that were planted around last December are ready, that is, the opium crop is ready for harvesting. Opium is prepared from the substance extracted from poppy. It is said that its price ranges up to Rs 1 lakh per kg. To avail this, buyers from UP, Bihar, Garhwa and Punjab visit the rural areas of Khunti. Despite the strictness of the police, people are not desisting from its cultivation due to greed for money.

Buyers do not face any problem in coming to these areas

It is surprising that even now people of Jharkhand avoid going to the interior areas of Khunti due to security reasons. But these unknown outsiders come and go without fear. They don’t have any problems. Villagers do not open their mouth easily about these things, but people tell that years ago, when poppy cultivation for opium started in Khunti, buyers used to give them money in advance. The money earned from opium cultivation is much more than that from paddy. Therefore, the villagers are now cultivating poppy by investing their own money.

Many people built houses with the money received from selling opium.

In many houses in rural areas, where earlier even a bicycle was hardly visible, now a bike is seen parked there. Many people have bought motorcycles with the money earned from this drug crop. Many people have built good houses. This is the reason why despite the police campaign, poppy cultivation continued to increase in Khunti. This trend of cultivating poppy for opium is now spreading beyond Khunti to Angada and other areas also. Not only this, the youth of rural areas are also now falling prey to opium addiction.

People engaged in opium cultivation are not ready to leave their business.

Some villagers even explained to the villagers not to cultivate poppy, but the people engaged in its business are not ready to accept it. Just a day ago, the police had destroyed poppy crops in a large area in Angada. Even in Khunti, the police conducts campaigns from time to time, but it is not yielding any concrete results. Even now its cultivation continues in hundreds of acres of land.


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