Kharsawan: Football tournament organized among 16 teams, Tangrani FC became the winner by defeating MJC Rugarisai.

A football tournament was organized among 16 teams on Ras Purnima in Jhapraguda (Gamharia block) of Kharsawan assembly. Tangrani FC team became the winner by defeating MJC Rugarisai in the final match. Winner Tangrani FC was awarded Rs 10,000 and runner-up MJC Rugarisai was awarded Rs 10,000 in cash. The third place team of Birsa Club Baldevpur and the fourth uncrowned Badshah Bhadrudih team were rewarded with a cash amount of seven thousand rupees each. MLA Dashrath Gagrai appealed to the players to play by setting targets. Said that the state government is working for the development of sports. By making a better sports policy, players are being given direct appointment. Former MLA Mangal Singh Soy said that there are immense career possibilities in the field of sports. Many players from here have hoisted the flag at the national level. They game Gave assurance of always being ready to cooperate for the development. During this, mainly Vijay Mahato, Prakash Mahato, Luv Kishore Mahato, Mansa Tudu, Laxman Mahato were present.

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