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Katha Ankahee: Adnan Khan said goodbye to the serial, said – this is the last time when we…

Viaan becomes emotional after Katha Ankahi goes off air

The television actor further said that he is “very grateful” that he got this opportunity. In the beginning, Adnan was full of joy and gratitude. However, when he reached the set, Samar played emotional songs early in the morning. During lunch, Summer commented, “Do you realize this is the last time we’re having lunch on set?” Reacting to this, Adnan Khan started fantasizing, Bidisha shared her tears and emphasized that this could be our last trip together. The weight of that moment fell upon him, he realized that this was the last day. Despite this, Adnan Khan, being the kind-hearted man he is, chose to focus on expressing his gratitude for the opportunity.


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