Karan Johar takes a dig at the sheepish behavior of Bollywood

Bollywood director Karan Johar has once again shared a cryptic post on his Instagram stories. This time, the filmmaker has called out Bollywood films for blindly trusting “trends”. Karan has repeatedly criticized Bollywood’s inability to create original content. In his new post, Karan has said that when it comes to originality, there is a lack of confidence in Bollywood.

Karan Johar again shared cryptic post
While sharing a long note on his Instagram stories, Karan wrote, “If you want a bigger scale then make it… action started. Create action! If love story works then make love story! If a chick flick is a hit, go there! The weather changes every week… beliefs change every week! Brother, it is box office, not Instagram reel… you will remain trending for 30 seconds right there!”

Karan Johar Post
Karan Johar took a dig at the sheepish behavior of Bollywood, said – It is the box office, not the Instagram reel… 2

Karan Johar had said this about remake films
Karan had said something similar during a round table interview of Galatta Plus in the year 2022. The producer had said, “I think the main issue is that we in Hindi cinema come from a mainstream industry, and that includes me, which doesn’t have a single very strong quality that every other cinema in this panel has . They have strong faith. We always go with the flow. In the 70s, we had such original voices in the form of Salim-Javed. We created some unforgettable characters. But now the era of remakes has come. This is where the loss of conviction began. “We started remaking every popular film in Tamil and Telugu.”

Karan Johar shared cryptic post earlier also
This is not the first time that Karan Johar has vented his anger through social media, before this he had taunted those people who undergo surgery and put themselves to trouble to look beautiful. She said in her Instagram stories, fillers can make someone beautiful from outside, but it cannot change someone’s nature and personality. She said, “Apply fillers, you don’t get any fulfillment…Apply makeup, your age doesn’t decrease. No matter how much Botox you apply, it will be like getting stung by a bee… Changing the nose does not change the smell of perfume. Even the outer part may change under the knife… but my love… my nature does not change.

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