JSCA’s AGM was uproar in Garhwa, protest against giving membership to new members

Sports Correspondent, Ranchi / Jamshedpur : The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) was held in Garhwa on Saturday. The AGM was stormy. As soon as the meeting started, the members said that it is wrong to give the year-long work report book here during the AGM. This is against the rules. The members said that what is the use of such an AGM when we will not get the income and expenditure of JSCA and other information first.

Opposition to giving membership to new members

This was the first time after the death of Amitabh Chaudhary, when the members protested against getting the year’s work report book during the AGM. The most uproar in the AGM was on giving membership to new members. According to the information, all the members except Jamshedpur protested against the inclusion of new members in JSCA. Asim Singh, General Secretary of West Singhbhum District Cricket Association, said that when the names of 17 members were stamped in last year’s AGM, then how did this number increase to 29.

Seven member committee will select new members

If sources are to be believed, many tried to make their favorite a new member. One of these names is such, whose age is not even 18 years. A written test was taken for membership. The name of the person who scored two marks was also included in this. There was a lot of uproar regarding this too. In view of the uproar, the JSCA management constituted a seven-member committee, which would select the names of the new members.

JSCA’s AGM was attended by 242 members

242 delegates from all the districts of Jharkhand participated in the meeting. After the meeting, JSCA President Sanjay Sahay, Secretary Devashish Chakraborty, Garhwa President cum SDO Raj Maheshwaram and Secretary Raghavendra Narayan Singh jointly held a press conference. He told that for the first time the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of JSCA has been held in Garhwa. For this the district committee deserves congratulations. He said that JSCA had sent a proposal to the district administration a year ago to build a stadium in Garhwa, but due to non-availability of land, the matter could not progress further.

Proposal to build a stadium in Garhwa

Proposals from three places for the stadium in Garhwa The chairman and secretary said that during the meeting, proposals have come from three places to build a stadium in Garhwa. These include Dental College Farthia, Rama Sahu High School Garhwa and Nanua Mod Meral. He said that the committee will see these places. Only after this a decision can be taken. If a suitable place is found, JSCA will take it on lease and get the stadium constructed. He said that JSCA needed 10 acres of land to build its stadium and the district administration had found a place for it, but it was not suitable. Now another land will be seen.

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