JSBCL will sell liquor in these 19 districts of Jharkhand from May 1, know what will change


Ranchi. According to the decision of the state government, Jharkhand State Beverages Corporation Limited (JSBCL) will sell retail liquor in 19 districts of the state from May 1. JSBCL has completed necessary preparations for this. The state has been divided into ten zones to sell liquor retail. Out of these, placement agency has been selected for only two zones. The placement agency will sell liquor in Palamu, Garhwa, Latehar, Giridih and Deoghar districts.

Responsibility of selling retail liquor to JSBCL

Apart from this, JSBCL has been given the responsibility of retailing liquor in the remaining 19 districts. Liquor will be sold in those shops where retail liquor is currently being sold. Daily wage workers will be hired to sell liquor. The process of employee appointment will be completed at the district level. Action will be taken against the concerned officer if the prescribed minimum revenue is not received from the retail liquor shops. In case of any discrepancy in the sale amount from the shops, it will be the responsibility of the concerned employee.

Strict instructions given on three points

Product Commissioner Karn Satyarthi held a meeting with the office bearers on Saturday. Necessary guidelines were given in the meeting regarding the sale of liquor from May 1. The commissioner warned the officials that strict action will be taken in case of selling liquor at a rate higher than MRP, receiving complaints of adulteration and selling illegal liquor. The officials who came from the districts were told that on receiving complaints in these cases, an FIR would be lodged against the culprits.

Shop handover process started

JSBCL has started the process of taking shop handover in 19 districts. Its process will be completed by the first week of May. However, JSBCL will start selling retail liquor in 19 districts from May 1.


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