Jharkhand’s nine Durga-07: These doctors are empowering women, have received prestigious honor in Tamil Nadu

Ranchi: Dr. Manisha Oraon is a doctor by profession. Has been serving in the medical field for 11 years. Despite getting big opportunities, he decided to stay in his city. He has a deep connection with water, forest and land. This is the reason that during her medical studies in Chennai, she kept working among the tribals in rural areas. For this, an NGO named Paroksh was also formed. Along with studies, SRM University has also honored her with the Tamil Nadu Women Achiever Award-2023 for her dedication to society, entrepreneurship and outstanding contribution in the field of dentistry.

Also working for tribal food

Dr. Manisha, resident of Dibdih, has been a student of JVM Shyamali. Opened a clinic after completing medical studies. Also promoted agro tourism. For this, husband Abhishek supported me very well. Today she is also involved in farming in Khunti. Growing vegetables with the help of villagers. Its objective is to make people understand the old method of agriculture. Also, Dr. Manisha is working for tribal food with the aim of taking Jharkhandi food to foreign countries.

For this, she connected needy women with agriculture and provided training. At present, more than 80 women of the village have become self-reliant. Dr. Manisha says: Women have immense strength. If family supports, women definitely achieve success. You can achieve everything with your power.

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