Jharkhand: Tribal painting jewelery on fabric is being liked a lot in the International Trade Fair.

Ranchi/New Delhi: A huge crowd is coming to the Jharkhand Pavilion in the International Trade Fair organized at Pragati Maidan in Delhi. A huge crowd is being seen at the stall of Paritipti Handmade Jewelery in Jharkhand Pavilion itself. Jewelery made from tribal paintings on fabric is being sold at Paritipti’s stall. As much as Paritipti’s fabric jewelery is being liked, more people seem to be taking interest in the story of the stall operator and Paritipti’s Kajal Nandi.

More than 20 women are working:

Kajal from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand tells that she was fond of reading motivational stories from the beginning. How people are achieving great success at a young age. Her father’s financial condition was hindering 20-year-old Kajal’s dream of doing something of her own and becoming self-reliant. In such a situation, her classmate Anil gave her financial assistance and with the help of money, Kajal started the journey of making jewelery by doing tribal painting on fabric from 2019.

At present more than 20 women are working with him. She has brought this business started from online selling to the World Trade Fair for the first time. Apart from the country, his goods have been sent to America, London, Malaysia, Singapore. Kajal is selling necklaces, choker sets, pendants, bangles, finger rings, waist belts, earrings etc. in Jharkhand Pavilion. Whose price starts from Rs 65 to Rs 500.

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