Jharkhand: Tinplate’s expansion will continue even after merger with Tata Steel

Tata Steel News: The expansion of Tinplate Company will continue even after the merger of Tinplate Company of India Limited (TCPL) with Tata Steel. Tinplate Company is one such company which does not have any debt. These things were said by Chairman Kaushik Chatterjee to the shareholders while addressing the 104th Annual General Meeting of the company organized through audio-video medium on Monday. He said that the Tinplate Company will be merged with Tata Steel by March 2024.

Krishna Dutt appointed additional director

Apart from this, the Board of Directors of the company has deputed Krishna Dutt as Additional Director. While Tata Steel’s Vice President (HRM) Atreyi Sanyal has been re-inducted as a director on the company’s board of directors. The Annual General Meeting was attended by the Board of Directors of the Company along with Managing Director RN Murthy and a large number of shareholders.

The company got a net profit of 143 crores.

During the financial year ending March 31, 2023, the Tinplate Company produced 362 kilo tonnes with a turnover of Rs 395886. 52 lakh and the company earned a profit of Rs 143 crore. While in the financial year 2021- 22, the company did a business of Rs 4,24, 950. 79 lakhs and the company had a profit of Rs 353 crores. Chairman Kaushik Chatterjee said that on better performance in the financial year 2022-23, a dividend of three rupees per share will be given to the shareholders. He said that the expansion of cold rolling mill has been announced. In the third phase, the production capacity will be increased from 3.79 lakh tonnes to 6.79 lakh tonnes (three lakh tonnes). The company has received environmental clearance from the Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board.

People of Bagunhatu will get electricity from Tata Steel UISL

Here, the work of Tata Steel UISL (earlier Jusco) is continuing to provide electricity in the Tata lease area and other settlements adjacent to it. In this sequence, a team of JUSCO officials inspected Bagunhatu on Monday regarding the construction of Central Power Sub-station in Bagunhatu area. Inspected and identified the site. Officials told that very soon the Central Power Sub-station will be constructed at the said site. A letter will be written to the District Additional Deputy Commissioner to get the land transferred from the government. Keeping in view the requirement of increasing population in the near future, there is a plan to transfer additional land, so that more power sub-stations can be constructed as per the requirement in future.

Inspection of Power Sub Station

MLA Saryu Rai had talked about providing electricity connection to the people of Bagunhatu soon in the meeting of the committee constituted for providing electricity connection to Tata Steel UISL. After which the site for the power sub-station was inspected. With this, electricity connection survey was completed in Chhayanagar, Chandinagar, Nirmalnagar. At the same time, Tata’s electricity will also be available in Birsanagar and Baridih. MK Panda, DGM of Tata Steel UISL, Sudhir Singh, private secretary of MLA Saryu Rai, Vijay Narayan, Rakesh Patel, Vishnu Prasad, Subhash Jena, Dinesh Sahu, Subir Sen, Nagesh etc. were present during the inspection.

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