Jharkhand: This book is special about the Ayurvedic properties of super food millets, says BAU scientist Dr. Kaushal Kumar.

Ranchi: BAU forestry scientist Dr. Kaushal Kumar, who is moving towards giving Jharkhand a special identity in the medicinal field, has taken initiative at the global level by publishing a book based on the analysis and scientific revival and verification of the Ayurvedic properties of millets (coarse grains). Due to his efforts, a book titled Millets: Scientific Revival of Ancient Indian Wisdom has been published. This is the first book in the world to discuss the detailed Ayurvedic properties and principles of Millets on the basis of scientific parameters. This book has been jointly written by Dr. Gyan Chand Maurya, Medical Officer, Uttar Pradesh Government, Dr. Harishankar Mishra, Assistant Professor, Government Post Graduate Ayurveda College, Pilibhit and Dr. Kaushal Kumar, Head of the Department of Forest Products and Utilization, Birsa Agricultural University. In this book, all the health aspects experienced in the use of millets have been shown in the knowledge and science of ancient Ayurvedic medical system.

BAU scientist Dr. Kaushal Kumar is also included among the authors.

The authors said that coarse grains have been the main food grains of our ancient lifestyle. In the context of the International Year of Millets 2023, the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India and the Office of the United Nations have also been informed about the publication of this book. This will help in wide spread of Indian knowledge tradition and use of millets. Vice Chancellor of AYUSH University, Gorakhpur, Prof. Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Singh has said in the preface of this book that this presentation will lead to widespread adoption of millets (coarse grains) at the global level. He appreciated the hard work and dedication of the authors for millets based research and scientific analysis of Ayurvedic context. Let us tell you that local BAU scientist Dr. Kaushal Kumar has earlier brought glory to BAU in the country by increasing the prestige of Jharkhand through the patent of medicinal products besides Aloe Vera Village and Giloy area.

Dr. Kaushal Kumar gave information

Dr. Kaushal Kumar told that in this book, the prehistoric importance and place of millets in Indian culture and nine millets crops mainly used in India have been discussed. In these, the medicinal importance and method of use of Sawa, Kodo, Govedhuk, Kanguni, Chinak, Jurna, Madhulika (Ragi), Bajra and Nevad have been explained. Today, all these millets, which are rich in nutrition, are being called super food and Sri Anna globally. It is used since ancient times in India on the basis of its properties in the diagnosis of diseases like diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, sperm enhancer, ascites, swelling, weakness, rickets in children, piles, digestive system and urinary diseases and disorders etc. Information about scientific agricultural techniques of millets production is also given in the book.

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