Jharkhand Open University’s new campus will be built in Tatisilwe.

Ranchi. The new campus of Jharkhand State Open University will be in Tatisilve. For this, six acres of land has been identified by the state government near Gondlipokhar in Angada block. Further action will start after the elections. A state-of-the-art building will be constructed in this complex. Jharkhand Open University is currently running in a building of Forestry College under Birsa Agricultural University. On the instructions of the Governor cum Chancellor, the building was temporarily provided to the Open University during the tenure of Dr. ON Singh, former Vice Chancellor of Birsa Agricultural University. Despite this, Forestry College is asking Jharkhand Open University to vacate the building citing lack of classrooms, girls common room etc. Since there is a goat, duck and chicken farm next to the said building, many goats and ducks are entering the campus. On Monday, when a cartoon duck was found in the corridor of the said building, the Forestry College accused it of theft and once again asked to vacate the building. On Tuesday, Forestry College demanded some part of the lower floor of the building from the Registrar of Open University for conducting classes.

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