Jharkhand: Gangster Aman Singh shot dead in Dhanbad jail, security system exposed

Dhanbad: The murder of Aman Singh in the local divisional jail on the afternoon of December 3 is a big question on the security of jails. Dhanbad Such an incident had never happened in the history of K Mandal Jail. It should be noted that among the accused in the Neeraj Singh murder case, Aman Singh, former MLA Sanjeev Singh and many henchmen of gangster Prince Khan were lodged in Dhanbad Divisional Jail. Currently Sanjeev Singh is admitted in Ranchi RIMS for treatment. For these reasons, Mandal Jail of Dhanbad has been kept in the category of very sensitive jails. On the other hand, various kinds of discussions have also been taking place regarding the security arrangements here.

Jail officials under suspicion

The officials here have also been in the circle of the message. For this reason, the superintendent here was recently transferred. Regarding security arrangements, on November 25, the Deputy Commissioner of the district along with the police force had raided here. Although nothing special was found during this period, but just seven days after the raid, this major incident of firing inside the jail has exposed the security arrangements in the jails.

There are marks of seven bullets

On seeing the dead body of Aman Singh, marks of seven bullets are clearly visible, the total number of bullets will be proved after post mortem. But this incident proves that everything is not as per the rules in Dhanbad Mandal Jail. As a rule, everyone is shocked when a deadly weapon is inside, despite not being allowed to carry it even before going to jail.

Question raised on investigation at jail gate

Those who come to meet us in jail are examined. Even if someone comes to deliver goods or any prison material comes from outside, it is also checked. But this shooting has raised questions on the security of the jail regarding weapons going inside the jail. With whose connivance the weapon went inside the jail, this is a matter of investigation, but the Dhanbad jail shooting has raised a big question.

CCTV footage will reveal

There will be many revelations if we delve into the matter of weapons going to jail. For this, the CCTV footage of the jail should be examined. The accused will be identified on the basis of the footage only. There should also be an investigation regarding those monitoring CCTV.

There are more prisoners in jails than the number, how did no one notice

Most of the jails in the state have more prisoners than their capacity. There is a similar situation in Dhanbad Divisional Jail, but it cannot be accepted that no one has seen anything even after such a big incident. For this, there is a need to run an intensive campaign in the jail, only then the truth will come out.

Fear of some major gang war

The possibility of a major gang war due to the murder of Aman Singh cannot be ruled out. If immediate action is not taken in this matter or concrete arrangements are not made by identifying the culprits, then the possibility of a major gang war cannot be ruled out. People of Aman Singh’s gang can carry out some major incident to take revenge.

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