Jharkhand: Dharti Aba Birsa Munda’s village Ulihatu is ready to welcome PM Modi, tight security arrangements

Ranchi/Khunti: Prime Minister on the occasion of Tribal Pride Day Narendra Modi Preparations for the arrival of Khunti and Ulihatu are in the final stages. Special preparations are being made for the arrival of the Prime Minister in Khunti and Ulihatu. The SPG squad, which is in charge of the Prime Minister’s security, has arrived. Ulihatu, the birthplace of Birsa Munda, is decorated and ready. The house of Birsa and his descendants has been specially decorated. The entire village is decorated like a bride. The construction work of tent, stage, seating, stalls etc. for the meeting to be organized at Birsa College Football Stadium is in the final stage. The construction work of helipads in Anigara and Ulihatu is being completed for the arrival of the Prime Minister. Rehearsal for helicopter landing was also done on Monday. From the helipad at Anigara in Khunti to the Birsa College Stadium, all the government buildings and walls are being painted. Sohrai painting has been done at many places. Extensive security arrangements are being made for the arrival of the Prime Minister. SPG personnel have taken command at the helipad, Ulihatu and the meeting place. Any unknown person is being interrogated before entering. Media persons are being stopped from taking photos and videos. A large number of security personnel have been deployed in Khunti from the helipad to the meeting venue. In Ulihatu too, soldiers are deployed at every nook and corner. The operation is being conducted by paramilitary forces in Ulihatu and surrounding areas.

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