Jharkhand: 5 elephants die in Musabani forest area, forest department accused of negligence

East Singhbhum (Musabani) Mohammad Pravez: Five elephants, including three baby elephants, died near Uparbandha forest in Musabani forest area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEast Singhbhum district. These elephants died due to electric shock of 33 thousand volts. The incident took place on Monday night, but the Forest Department was not even aware of the matter till 1:00 pm on Tuesday. Some villagers had gone to the forest to bring dry wood and leaves and saw the elephants dead. The matter came to light only when the villagers took photographs of the dead elephants.

How did the accident happen?

The dead elephants include three children, a male elephant and a female elephant. The reason behind the death of these elephants is said to be the negligence of the forest department. In fact, in the Upperbandha forest, a 33 thousand volt wire has passed just 11 feet above. Here, the Forest Department had dug a trench in the forest a few days ago and left the mound of soil lying nearby. Elephants were passing through this route. While crossing the road, the female elephant climbed the earthen mound and clung to the wire passing over it. In this way the female elephant became a victim of electrocution. At the same time, the baby elephants were also in contact with its legs and trunk. One by one the five elephants became victims of electrocution and all of them died.

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