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Is BMW a car or a moving fort of security? Bombs and bullets also defuse.

BMW 7 Series Protection: Do you know which is the safest car? What do you think when you see a big and luxurious car passing in front of your eyes? They will say, wow, what a luxury car. But, cars are not only luxury, they are also important from safety point of view. If you think that BMW 7 Series is the best car in terms of safety, then you are absolutely right. BMW’s 7 Series Protection Car is said to be one of the safest cars. People also call it an impenetrable fort of security. The reason for this is that bombs and bullets have no effect on the BMW 7 Series protection. The German car manufacturer claims that no one can break the security of the BMW 7 Series. It keeps its riders safe from all kinds of risks.

BMW 7 Series Protection is agile and agile

The weight of the BMW 7 Series Protection Sedan luxury car is a little more than 4.5 tonnes. It is one of the heavy and luxury vehicles. But despite being heavy, it is agile and quite agile. The engine of this sedan car is 4.4-litre V8 petrol motor, which generates power of 530 HP and torque of 750 Nm. Its maximum speed is 210 kmph and it accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in just 6.6 seconds. Even when the BMW 7 Series Protection is standing still, it remains unaffected by any type of attack.

BMW 7 Series Protection is a walking luxury tank

In terms of security, the BMW 7 Series protection is so strong that it is called a walking tank. Its armored body also foils bomb attacks from drones. Its roof has been provided with reinforced bolting and 75 mm bullet proof and anti-blast armored window glass in the underbody. This is the reason why the 20 inch tires of this model also run at a speed of 80 km per hour. The biggest thing is that when bullets are fired at it from a distance, its self-sealing fuel tank actively stops it. Its lid protects the fuel from damage in case of firing.

Tires have the power to stop attacks

The BMW 7 Series Protection Car comes with a unique chassis technology. It is the first and only car in its segment to be equipped with Integral Active Steering. Its rear-wheel steering makes its driving capability amazing. 20-inch alloy wheels have been provided in the new BMW 7 Series Protection. In this you have been given tires of Michelin (255-740 R510). This tire has been specially developed for this type of protection car. The large diameter of these tires makes for a great ride. Pax tires have a runflat ring on the wheel rim, which continues to work even at speeds of up to 80 kmph in case of tire puncture.

BMW 7 Series Protection Features

The new sedan BMW 7 Series Protection Car is equipped with Driver Assistance System (DRS). With its help the car becomes easier to operate. Apart from this, advanced sensors and many cameras have also been installed in it. Additionally, it gets Parking Assistant, Parking View, Panorama View, Remote 3D View and BMW Drive Recorder Collision Warning, Crossroad Warning System, Lane Departure Warning, windscreen to optimize visibility and an electric lift for the front part of the side windows. Heating function is provided. Apart from this, an integrated cool box has been provided between its rear seats. With its help any beverages can be cooled in the car. In this, you are given space to keep two water bottles of eight liter capacity and two glasses.


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