Iran attacks Israel: Israel eyes Iran’s nuclear sites

Iran attacks Israel: The whole world is keeping an eye on the war that broke out between Israel and Iran. Meanwhile, the statement of Israel’s military chief has come to light. He has said that Israel will give a befitting reply to the missile attack by Iran by the end of the week. However, he did not tell when and how he would take action against his enemy. Meanwhile, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has expressed concern that Iran’s nuclear base can be attacked.

What did Lieutenant General Harji Halevi say?

Israel Defense Forces Lieutenant General Harji Halevi has said regarding this war that Israel is still considering its steps but the attack of Iranian missiles and attack drones will be responded to from our side and that too in a good way…Halevi The above statement was said during the visit to Nevatim Airport. Israel says that Nevatim airport has been damaged in the Iranian attack, that too minor…

Appeal to Israel not to retaliate

Meanwhile, let us tell you that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is completely active. They are in constant touch with top officials to discuss the possible response. After Iran’s attack with hundreds of drones, ballistic missiles as well as cruise missiles, leaders of countries around the world are appealing to Israel not to retaliate. Now it remains to be seen when and how Israel will respond to its enemy, for which indications have been given.

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The following map locates israel and iran after iran has fired drones at israel

Attack from Iran on 13 April

It is notable that the Iranian attack on April 13 was the first time that Iran has launched a direct military attack on Israel, despite decades of hostility dating back to the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution. This attack was carried out a few days after a suspected Israeli attack in Syria. In this attack, two Iranian generals were killed in an Iranian Consulate building.

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