Inflation spoils kitchen budget in Bihar, prices of cumin, garlic and rice increase, pulses also become expensive

Patna. Sawan month has started. Meanwhile, the news of relief for Shiva devotees is that the price of fruits is the same as last year. However, the prices of cumin, garlic and rice have increased. The price of cumin has increased by Rs 300 in about a month. Water chestnut flour is Rs.250, Buckwheat flour is Rs.250 and Sabudana is Rs.110 per kg in fruit items. The matter of relief is that this time their price has not increased.

Reduction in the prices of dry fruits

On the other hand, there has been a decrease of Rs 100 in cashew, Rs 75 in raisins, Rs 100 in makhana and Rs 50 per kg in date palm as compared to last year. At present, cashew is available at Rs.600-800, date palm at Rs.350-400, raisins at Rs.250-500 and makhana at Rs.500-600 per kg. Peanut is available for Rs.140, Gadi Gola for Rs.300 and branded rock salt for Rs.75 per kg.

Arhar dal rose by Rs 30

Arhar dal has increased by Rs 30 to Rs 150 per kg in the last one month. However, the prices of Urad, Moong, Chana, Urad and Masoor pulses have remained stable for the last three months. According to the grocery traders, the maximum increase is in the price of cumin. In the last one month, cumin has increased from Rs 300 to Rs 800 per kg. The boom in garlic continues, it has increased up to Rs 60 per kg in a month. In today’s date, garlic is being sold at Rs.140 per kg.

Increase in the price of rice by up to 10 percent

However, it is a matter of relief that the prices of edible soybean refined and mustard oil are running at the lowest level. A month back, the price of refined was Rs 125-140 per litre, which has now reached the level of Rs 120-135 per litre. Whereas mustard oil is being sold from Rs 125 to Rs 120 per litre. In the last one week, the price of rice has increased by up to 10 percent. There is anger among the common people regarding this. The matter of relief is that there has been no change in the open dough. At present, loose flour is being sold in the grocery market for up to Rs.32 per kg.

Prices increased due to international reasons

At present, there is relief in the prices of refined and mustard oil, but there is a lot of increase in the prices of pulses, cumin and garlic. The price of cumin has increased from 500 to 800 rupees, while arhar dal has reached 150 rupees. Due to the international level, there is an increase in the prices in the grocery market. Ramesh Chandra Talreja, Secretary of Bihar Retailers Federation

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