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Indian Railways: Change in the timetable of these trains of UP, speed of many will be faster, see list

Indian Railways: The new timetable of Indian Railways will become effective from October 1. During this time, timings of many trains of UP have been changed from October 1. Along with adding many trains, the speed of old trains will also be increased. Railway time table comes into effect on 1st October every year. In the same sequence, this time table is being implemented this time also. Timings of Nauchandi Express in UP will change from Sunday. Nauchandi Express coming from Saharanpur-Meerut City to Prayagraj Sangam will now reach Prayagraj Sangam at 6:30 am instead of 9:50 am.

A new timetable has been released by the Railways. Train number 14511 Nauchandi Express will depart from Prayagraj Sangam at 5:20 pm as before. Which will reach Meerut City at 7:45 am the next day and Saharanpur at 10:40 am. However, in return, train number 14512 will leave from Nauchandi Saharanpur at 2:15 pm instead of 5:25 pm. Whereas, Deoband will reach at 2:43-2:45 pm, Muzaffarnagar at 3:00-3:05 pm and Meerut City will reach at 4:35 pm.

Its stoppage in Meerut will now be only five minutes instead of 35 minutes. It will reach Prayagraj Sangam at 6:30 am via Moradabad, Rampur, Bareilly, Shahjahanpur, Hardoi, Balamau, Lucknow, Bachhrawan, Rae Bareli, Laxmanpur, Unchahar, Kunda, Phaphamau, Prayag at 6:08-6.10 am. Nauchandi may also get LHB rake this year. From October 1, primary maintenance of this train will be done at Prayagraj Sangam only. Nauchandi’s arrival at Prayagraj was proposed to be at 9:20 am, but due to technical reasons its timing has now been changed to 6.30 am.

Speed ​​of these 27 trains increased

The speed of 27 trains has been increased in Moradabad division. Travel time of 22 mail-express trains including Link, Double Decker, Okha, Dehradun-Indore will be saved from five minutes to 55 minutes. Link Express running from Subedarganj will be more beneficial. The train will now reach Dehradun 55 minutes earlier. Five passenger trains running from Mandal Gajraula, Najibabad will get speed after track upgradation.

Their time will be less by 5 to 20 minutes. Railways has changed the timing of departure and arrival (originated and terminating) of 14 pairs of trains. Railways has also included Vande Bharat Express and the weekly train running between Haridwar and Bhavnagar in this year’s time table.

In view of the general elections, the Railway Ministry has made preparations to provide maximum relief to the passengers. Due to the electrified railway track and double line of the division, the timing of trains taking more running time has been improved. The timing of 22 mail-express trains running from Dehradun, Yoganagari and passing through Moradabad has been improved in the division.

Among these, the journey on the main link from Subedarganj to Dehradun will be reduced by 55 minutes. There will be a difference of 25 minutes in Dehradun-Amritsar, Dehradun-Lakshmibai Nagar and Dehradun-Indore Express trains. From Yoganagari, Kochchavili Express will take 10 minutes, Okha Express – 15 minutes, Garib Rath and Porbandar Express – 13 minutes each, Double Decker – 9 minutes less.

Origin and termination time of 14 pairs of trains changed

Railways has made changes in the running of 14 trains including Dehradun-Amritsar (14631) Express. The train from Dehradun for Amritsar will leave at 7.30 pm instead of 7.05 pm. Similarly, Dehradun-Okha Express-19566 will run late by five minutes. Dehradun-Ujjain Ujjaini Express-14310 and Dehradun-Indore (14318) will depart five minutes late.

Similarly, Haridwar – Delhi Passenger 14304 will now leave Haridwar at 8.20 pm instead of 8.15 pm, Rishikesh Haridwar – 04362 train will leave at 7.45 pm instead of 7.50 pm, Najibabad – Kotdwar at 9.05 pm instead of 8.55 pm. There has been a difference in the timings of three trains of Najibabad-Kotdwar. There is a difference of five minutes each between Moradabad-Bareilly and Moradabad-Sambhal Hatim Sarai. But Shahjahanpur-Pilibhit will depart at 6.40 am instead of 7 am and the return journey will depart at 6 am instead of 5.30 am.

Changes made in the arrival time of these trains

  • 14113 Link Express will reach Dehradun station at 12.20 pm.

  • 14309 Ujjiani Express will reach Dehradun station at 7.20 pm.

  • 14317 Dehradun-Indore Express will reach Dehradun station at 7.20 pm.

  • 19566 Uttaranchal Express will reach Okha station at 7.20 pm.

  • 15119 Varanasi- Doon Express will reach Dehradun station at 6.35 am.

  • 12092 Naini Janshatabdi Express will reach Dehradun station at 12.40 pm.

  • 04385 Gajraula Najibabad Express will reach Najibabad station at 11.30 pm.

  • 05333 Ramnagar-Moradabad Express will reach Moradabad station at 10.10 am.

  • 05334 Moradabad-Ramnagar Express will reach Ramnagar station at 7.35 pm.

  • 04326 Moradabad- Sambhal Express will reach Sambhal station at 9.45 am.

  • 04386 Najibabad-Gajraula Express will reach Gajraula station at 8.55 pm.

  • 04393 Aligarh-Gajraula Express will reach Gajraula station at 11.30.

Changes happened in these trains

Please note that the name of 14205-06 Ayodhya-Delhi has been changed to Ayodhya Express. The new stoppage of 15073-74 has been made at Bilpur. Also, the new route of Kanpur-Kathgodam 12209-10 has been changed to Alampur-Bareilly-Rampur. Whereas new time table of Vande Bharat (22457-58) and Bhavnagar – Haridwar (19272-71) weekly train has been released. At the same time, the train number of Sri Ganganagar-Rishikesh has been changed to 14815-16 instead of 14711-12.


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