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In Muzaffarpur, health of many children deteriorated after taking filariasis medicine, chaos from school to hospital.

In Bihar, the trend of children falling ill after taking filariasis medicine is not stopping. On Tuesday, about 70 children fell ill in various schools of Muzaffarpur after consuming filariasis medicine. In which the health of about 20 children deteriorated after consuming filariasis medicine in Jhikti High School of Kudhni block. As soon as information about this was received, there was chaos in the school. On receiving the information, a team of doctors from the PHC reached the school along with the police and all the unconscious children were taken to the PHC in an ambulance and police station vehicle. PHC in-charge Dr. Rita Renu Chaudhary started the treatment with the help of manager Tappu Gupta and other doctors. All the children had problems like dizziness along with vomiting.

crowd outside the hospital

was a fifth grade student

The sick children include about one and a half dozen children including Neebha Kumari, Archana Kumari, Avantika Kumari, Vansh Raj, Arnav Kumar, Anshika Raj, Ambita Kumari, Anjali Kumari, Khushboo Kumari. After treatment, when everyone’s physical condition became normal, they were sent home. Medical officer in-charge Dr. Rita Renu Chaudhary said that there is no need to panic in such a case. The children have been sent home after treatment. All were students of fifth class. BEO Mintu Kumari said that all the children have returned home after recovering. According to the letter received from the Health Department, complaints like vomiting and dizziness are common symptoms after taking filariasis medicine.

There was chaos from school to hospital

According to government instructions, filariasis medicine was to be given after meals. ANM and Asha were put on duty to administer medicines. Medicines were given to the children after midday meal. After about five to 10 minutes, one and a half dozen children started complaining of vomiting and dizziness. Seeing this the other children got scared. Children whose health did not deteriorate even after taking medicine also reached the hospital with their parents for treatment. This created chaos from school to hospital. Even those children who had no complaints were seen by the doctors, explained and sent home. Here, the parents created a ruckus in the school. Kudhni in-charge Ravi Prakash pacified everyone by convincing them. After the health of the children deteriorated, the principal’s mobile started saying not reachable.

in Meenapur 45 children fell ill after consuming filariasis medicine

In Meenapur too, 20 children of middle school Bhataulia and 25 children of primary school Madhuban Kanti Mallah Tola were brought to CHC complaining of headache, nausea, stomach pain etc. after taking filariasis medicine. After first aid the children were sent home. CHC in-charge Dr. Rakesh Kumar told that such a problem can occur after consuming this medicine. There is no need for any person to panic. After some time it gets cured on its own. It is natural for such a situation to arise when the worm dies after consuming the medicine.

Four children fall ill in the upgraded middle school Bangari

Four children also fell ill in the upgraded middle school, Bangari, on Monday after being administered medicines by the PHC to eradicate filariasis. After consuming the medicine, the children started feeling dizzy and started vomiting. However, he was immediately given medicine by the medical team, due to which he recovered within some time. PHC in-charge Dr. Naushad Ahmed said that children were given medicine for dizziness and vomiting. Now all the children are healthy.


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