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In Bhagalpur, the balance of the smart meter suddenly going negative, the consumer is upset due to not updating the account.

Bhagalpur: The power company is completing the work of installing smart pre-paid meters by running a campaign. With this, the company is getting freedom from the worry of revenue recovery. The hassle of outstanding electricity bill is coming to an end. On the other hand, electricity consumers are sweating to get their account re-charged. Most of the people are recharging the meter after the power connection is disconnected, but it is not getting added to the balance immediately. Because of this, we have to live without electricity in the midst of the scorching heat. This situation has started happening due to network problem in smart meters. Due to the network problem, there is a problem in the communication of the meter. When the meter is not in communication, the daily account is also not updated. After this suddenly the balance is going in minus. This has increased the difficulties of the consumers.

Know, problems due to lack of smart meter in communication

Electricity consumers are not getting complete information about the rate of electricity consumption. After the rage account is not updated and suddenly the balance goes into minus, the complaint process is started by the consumer, till then the light is going off. People are getting upset due to this type of problem and are forced to visit the electricity office. In some places, the smart meter is not telling about being in communication for eight-eight days. Such consumers face a problem when whenever their meter comes in communication, the reading reaches the headquarters. After this, billing is done on the basis of reading and the amount is deducted. Due to this the balance goes in minus.

When and how much bill will be deducted, consumers are not getting information

In the absence of communication with the smart meter server, the reading does not reach the headquarters. During this, the fixed charge of the consumers is deducted on a daily basis, but the electricity consumption charge is not deducted. Consumers are not getting information about when and how much bill will be deducted.

Every day 140-143 smart meters do not remain in communication

So far more than 37 thousand smart meters have been installed in the city. Out of this, 140-143 meters are not in communication every day for one reason or the other. In the absence of communication, the recharge amount is also getting stuck. Can’t find update. Consumers are getting worried. At the same time, due to non-availability of units to the department, the billing is stuck. The officials of the electricity company are doing various efforts to repair the communication system of the meter.

trying to fix the problem

Vikas Kumar Singh, project manager of Genus Power Infrastructure Limited, told that continuous efforts are going on to solve the network problem in smart meters. Gate way is being installed. From where the complaint is coming, a team is being sent to check the meter and the meter is being installed again at signal places. The problem of meter network is also being solved by installing router. Because, it is a smart meter based on radio frequency.


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