If you are fond of making reels with weapons then be careful, Gopalganj youth arrested for harsh firing

Gopalganj. If there is a hobby of making reels with weapons in Bihar, then be careful. Bihar Police is now taking strict action in such cases. The latest case is from Gopalganj. In Gopalganj, the police has arrested a youth who was firing guns to make reels. The craze of making reels on social media is more among the youth. In such a situation, such arrests are also expected to be more in this category. In Gopalganj also, the police has arrested a youth on the basis of the viral video. A video of a young man singing a Bhojpuri song had gone viral. In this he was also seen firing.

The whole matter is of Gopalpur police station

This whole matter is of Barnaiya Gokul village of Gopalpur police station area. On the instructions of SP Swarn Prabhat, the police of Gopalpur police station has taken action. After the video went viral, the police have registered an FIR against the accused youth and have now arrested him. However, the police could not find the weapon with which the firing was done. The arrested youth has been identified as Nauser Alam.

The video is three years old

Police investigation revealed that the young man’s sister was married three years ago. An orchestra was organized for the entertainment of the wedding guests. Many friends of the girl’s brother Nauser Alam had come to the orchestra. One of those friends had an illegal weapon from which Nauser Alam fired.

What is there in the video that went viral?

According to the police, in the video that went viral on social media, it is seen that the orchestra is playing and a young man is firing with a weapon in his hand. Bhojpuri song is playing from behind, on which the dancer is dancing. Meanwhile, the young man takes out the weapon from his waist and fires in filmy style. It was thankful that the bullet came out of the top, otherwise someone could have died.

Firing was done with someone else’s weapon

When the viral video reached SP Swarn Prabhat, he started immediate action. On the instructions of SP, Gopalpur police station incharge Jitendra Kumar identified the youth who fired Harsh and arrested him from his house. Police say that the weapon was illegal, raids are being conducted to recover it. The arrested youth says that he had taken a weapon from a friend to make reels and did the firing.

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