‘I should never have become a bowler…’ R Ashwin spills pain after being dropped in WTC final

world test championship days after being dropped from the finals of Ravichandran Ashwin Said that he is regretting becoming a bowler instead of a batsman. In an interview to The Indian Express, he also talked about the loneliness of the modern day cricketer. He believes that teammates are no longer friends but only co-workers. He said that he was also denied leadership by labeling him as an ‘overthinker’.

Ashwin became a bowler after watching Sachin

Recalling his childhood days, Ravichandran Ashwin said that one day, I was watching a match between India and Sri Lanka and India’s bowling collapsed. My favorite was Sachin Tendulkar, whatever runs he scored with the bat, he was squandering those runs in the bowling. Then I thought that I should be a bowler. Can’t I be better than the current bowlers? It’s a very childish way of thinking, but that’s how I thought and that’s why I started bowling off-spin. This is where my bowling started.

Regrets of becoming a bowler

Ashwin said clearly, ‘When I retire tomorrow, first of all I will regret that I was such a good batsman. I should never have become a bowler. Getting ousted from WTC final is just a hurdle, I will move on because I have gone through it. When someone turns you down for the first time, you have a knee-jerk reaction.

Ashwin was made fun of

Ashwin said his honesty was mocked as ‘overthinking’ and he was denied leadership opportunities. He said, ‘Many people marketed me and I was defined as an overthinker. It (the overthinker label) was made to work against me. He admitted that being repeatedly put down and negative perceptions about him hurt him a lot. But I am very happy that I discovered a new me. He said that but I have become much cooler than before. I am living more comfortably than ever before.

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