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How are 41 laborers trapped in Uttarkashi Tunnel surviving for the last 10 days? CCTV video surfaced


41 laborers are trapped in the Silkyara Tunnel of Uttarkashi for the last 10 days, rescue operations are being carried out continuously to save them. Meanwhile, good news came out about the safety of the workers trapped in the tunnel. The first CCTV footage of the workers trapped in the tunnel came out, in which all the workers seem to be healthy.


Video of workers surfaced through endoscopic flexi camera

Hours after sending Khichdi through a six-inch pipeline, rescue workers sent a camera (endoscopic flexi camera) to him early on Tuesday and released the first video of his recovery. In this video available by official sources, workers are seen standing together in the tunnel and talking to each other.


Khichdi delivered to workers through six-inch pipeline

Khichdi was sent to the workers on Monday night through a six-inch diameter pipeline laid through the debris. Khichdi was packed in wide mouth plastic bottles and delivered to the workers. Colonel Deepak Patil, in-charge of the rescue operation being conducted in the tunnel, said that porridge, khichdi, cut apples and bananas can be sent through this pipeline.


Doctor Prem Pokhriyal, who asked the workers about their health, advised the rescue workers to send them moong dal khichdi with soya beans and peas as their meal on Tuesday. Apart from this, he has also advised to send banana.


Talked to workers through walkie-talkie

Security personnel Nipu Kumar, who was involved in the rescue operation, said that a walkie-talkie and two chargers have also been sent to the pipeline to establish communication. Talks have also been held with the workers with the help of walkie-talkies.


Workers will be taken out using American auger machine

As part of the efforts being made from multiple directions to evacuate the workers, the Indian Air Force has transported machines weighing 36 tonnes from one C-17 and two C-130J Super Hercules transport aircraft. Meanwhile, sources said that the work of making ‘exit’ from the Silkyara tunnel with the American auger machine is about to start again. The engineering team from Delhi has replaced the parts of the machine which stopped after hitting a hard surface on Friday afternoon.


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