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Honda Activa CNG: Honda Activa will run on CNG! Mileage 90 to 100 kilometers per liter

Honda Activa CNG will be launched soon!

Honda Activa CNG will be launched soon!

The country’s best selling scooty Honda Activa may be launched in a new avatar very soon. Honda its best selling scooty CNG version of Activa Preparing to launch. Earlier there was talk of electric version of Honda Activa and now the talk of CNG version of Activa is in full swing.

Honda Activa CNG country’s first CNG scooty

Honda Activa CNG country’s first CNG scooty

If the CNG version of Honda Activa is launched, it will be the first CNG-powered scooter in the country.

Honda Activa CNG will have a big impact on mileage

Honda Activa CNG

It is often seen that the performance of Scooty is not that special in terms of mileage, most of the Scooties are able to give mileage between 35 to 45, which also includes Honda’s Activa. With the launch of CNG version of Activa, there will definitely be no question mark on the mileage.

CNG kit installation

CNG kit installation

A few years ago, a Delhi based CNG kit maker company had successfully installed a CNG kit in Honda Activa and at that time its installation cost was around Rs 15 thousand. The company claims that you will recover this expense in less than a year, because now the difference in the price of CNG and petrol is around Rs 40 to Rs 50.

Honda Activa CNG on Road Price/ Mileage

Honda Activa CNG on Road Price

If Honda Activa CNG is launched taking this technology as its basis, then it will have two cylinders in which up to 10 kg of CNG can be filled, whereas if we talk about mileage, then Activa can travel 100 kilometers in one kg of CNG. If we talk about its price then it can be between 90 thousand to 1 lakh. Although there is no official announcement yet, but Activa fans are eagerly waiting for Hero Honda Activa Senji.


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