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Heat Wave Alert Instructions to be prepared for protection from heat wave in UP

Lucknow: The health department has made preparations for the management of diseases caused by heat wave (Heat Wave Alert) during the summer season in UP. Principal Secretary Partha Sarathi Sen Sharma has issued guidelines in this regard to all the District Magistrates and Chief Medical Officers. They have been told what to do and what not to do during extreme heat wave (UP Weather Report). It is noteworthy that this year the temperature in most parts of the country including Uttar Pradesh is expected to be above normal. The state government has given these guidelines regarding this.

There will be arrangements for cold water and shelters
Information about seasonal outbreak (Heat Wave Alert) has been given in the summer season between March and May this year. The maximum temperature in central and north-western parts of Uttar Pradesh is likely to be above normal. There is a greater possibility of heat wave in the central and northwestern regions of the country between March and May 2024. Due to the possibility of temperatures being above normal in most areas, arrangements have been made to manage heat related illnesses in a timely manner. This included providing cool drinking water at crowded places, shelters to protect from heat, display of weather forecast and temperature at busy places, and measures to prevent heat waves in schools.

Medication Administration Instructions
According to Partha Sarathi Sen Sharma, the health department will do training and sensitization of medical officers, paramedical staff and frontline workers on priority basis. In which identification and treatment of problems caused by excessive heat will be explained. Apart from this, adequate quantities of essential medicines, intravenous medicines, ice packs, oral rehydration salts etc. will be made available.

Heat Dev: Do’s, Don’ts
Heat wave condition affects the functioning of the body. If proper treatment is not received on time, the affected person may even die. These facts should be paid attention to reduce the effects of heat wave.

Be careful
-Pay attention to the warnings issued regarding heat wave or heat wave.
-Heat stroke, heat rash, heat camp symptoms like weakness, dizziness, headache, nausea, sweating. Recognize unconsciousness etc.
-If you experience weakness or fainting, immediately consult a doctor.

Do not let there be lack of water in the body
-Drink as much water as possible, even if you are not thirsty.
-Keep drinking water with you while travelling.
-Drink ORS, home-made beverages like lassi, rice water, lemonade, buttermilk. So that the lack of water in the body can be compensated.
-Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables with high water content like watermelon, melon, cucumber, oranges, grapes, pineapple.

cover the body
-Wear light colored sweat-absorbing clothes.
-Wear sunglasses, umbrella, hat, slippers
-If working in the open, cover your head, face, hands and feet with a wet cloth.

Stay inside home or office for longer periods of time
-Stay in cool, windy places
-Keep homes cool to prevent direct sunlight and heat waves. Keep windows, curtains and doors closed during the day. The house and rooms can be opened for cooling in the evening or night.
-Increase the time for rest when you are out of the house.
-Use fans, wet clothes.

take special care of these
-Infants below one year of age, other small children, pregnant women, people working outdoors, sick people, especially heart patients, people suffering from high blood pressure, people moving from cold areas to hot areas. Take special care. This group is more sensitive to heat wave.
-The health of elderly and sick people living alone should be taken care of and reviewed regularly.
Stay on the ground floor of your house during the day.


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