Health Tips: Do not eat these things with tea

Health Tips: Tea is the most popular drink of our country, almost everyone in India likes to drink it. You will see many people in front of tea stalls every day. Everyone drinks tea in the morning or evening at home. It is delicious to drink tea, but there are some things which we should not eat with tea. We will tell you which things you should avoid eating with tea.

Cakes and Pastries

When you eat cake or pastries with tea, it increases your sugar level significantly which reduces your energy level and makes you feel tired.

Spice food

Drinking tea with spicy things like pakodas, samosas, and cutlets can cause many problems. Eating spicy food with tea can also cause stomach irritation or indigestion or acidity. Both of these can dehydrate you.

salty snacks

We should avoid eating salty snacks with tea. Eating salty things like chips can cause the problem of bloating and can also increase blood pressure.

citrus fruits

Fruits which are sour like orange or sweet lime should not be taken with tea because it can cause problems in your stomach like acidity or bloating.

red meat

You should not drink tea immediately after eating red meat because red meat contains protein and tea is acidic which can affect the digestion process. This may cause stomach pain and burning sensation.

Cream Dessert

Desserts that contain cream like cream cheese cake or drinking tea with ice cream can disturb your digestion process and cause problems.

fried food

Fried foods like fried chicken or French fries are very oily. After eating fried things, you may feel lethargic and when you take tea with it, you may have stomach ache.

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