Health care: Do not eat these things with eggs, it will have adverse effect on health.

citrus fruits

Citrus fruits: Avoid mixing eggs with citrus fruits like oranges or grapes as the acidity of the citrus fruits can potentially spoil the eggs when cooked together.

red wine

Red Wine: Eggs and red wine generally do not make a good pairing. The tannins present in red wine can clash with the flavor of eggs and create an unpleasant taste sensation.

sugary cereals

Sugary cereals: While eggs can be part of a balanced breakfast, combining them with a cereal that’s too sweet may not be the healthiest choice If you’re eating eggs for breakfast, it’s better to choose whole grains or low-sugar cereals .


Alcohol: Avoid consuming raw eggs with alcohol in cocktails like eggnog, as there is a risk of foodborne illness due to possible Salmonella contamination in raw eggs. Yogurt


Yogurt: Yogurt and eggs are considered incompatible in some culinary traditions. This incompatibility is based on Ayurvedic principles.

Eggs and Soy Milk

Both eggs and soy milk are rich in protein and mixing them can cause a protein spike in the body.

spicy food

Spicy Food: The strong, spicy flavor of pickled foods cannot compensate for the subtlety of eggs. Furthermore, the spicy flavor overpowers the taste of the eggs.


Tea: Avoid mixing tea and eggs as the tannins present in tea can prevent the absorption of nutrients from eggs and the combo can cause gas and acidity. Whenever you mix any food item with eggs, be careful. You should take precautions so that your diet remains healthy and safe.

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