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Hawa sweets being sold indiscriminately on the streets of Ranchi

Sweeter than sugar. Lighter than air. This sweet, which flies like the wind as soon as it is placed in the mouth, leaves a gritty sweetness on the tongue. The taste is such that the desire to taste it again and again on the tongue does not end. There would be no one who would not be associated with Hawa Mithai, old lady’s hair or this sweet popularly known as Cotton Candy. Even today one gets tempted to see this pink colored sweet on the road. However, recently the sale of Hawa sweets has been banned in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. The reason is that the food color present in Hawa sweets fails to meet the health standards. In FSSI’s sample testing conducted in other cities, Rhodamine-B chemical has been found in Hawa sweets, which promotes cancer cells in the body. It also causes heart, kidney and stomach diseases. FSSI Ranchi has also started sampling it.

Hawa sweets being sold indiscriminately on the streets of Ranchi

रांची की सड़कों पर और पर्यटन स्थलों के आस-पास ‘कॉटन कैंडी’ यानी हवा मिठाई की बिक्री होती है. 
10 से 20 रुपये में बिकनेवाली इस मिठाई पर अब तक खाद्य सुरक्षा पदाधिकारियों की नजर नहीं थी. यही कारण है कि कम लागत में तैयार होनेवाले इस खाद्य पदार्थ की बिक्री खूब होती है. बच्चे भी गुलाबी, नीले और पीले रंग में मिलनेवाली हवा मिटाई को चाव से खाते हैं. कम कीमत होने की वजह से अभिभावक भी खरीद कर बच्चों को दे देते हैं. लेकिन अभिभावकों को यह पता नहीं है कि यह सस्ती मिठाई बच्चों के स्वास्थ्य के लिए कितनी खतरनाक है. मेन रोड, अलबर्ट एक्का चौक, मोरहाबादी मैदान, कांके रोड, पुरुलिया रोड, डोरंडा बाजार, हरमू रोड, बरियातू, हिनू चौक पर बच्चे इस मिठाई की खरीदारी करते दिख जाते हैं.

विद्यानगर और पुरानी रांची में बनती है कॉटन कैंडी

हवा मिठाई रांची के विद्यानगर हरमू और पुरानी रांची की गलियों में तैयार होती है. इसके निर्माता कोई बड़े व्यवसायी नहीं हैं, जो मानकों का ध्यान रखें. हवा मिठाई तैयार करनेवाली इलेक्ट्रिक मशीन 10-15 हजार रुपये में मिल जाती है. विद्यानगर के एक कॉटन कैंडी निर्माता ने बताया कि हवा मिठाई को चीनी और बाजार में मिलनेवाले फूड कलर से तैयार किया जाता है. मोटर युक्त मशीन में चीनी डालने पर इसे गरम किया जाता है. मशीन से 320 डिग्री तक का तापमान तैयार होने पर हवा मिठाई बन जाती है, जिसे डंटी पर घुमाकर इकट्ठा किया जाता है. एक किलो चीनी में 25 से 30 हवा मिठाई तैयार हो जाती है. फिर इसे प्लास्टिक के पैकेट में बंद कर बेचा जाता है. एक हवा मिठाई की बिक्री पर पांच रुपये का मुनाफा होता है. 

फूड कलर में होते हैं कार्सिनोजेनिक केमिकल, मस्तिष्क पर पड़ता है प्रभाव 

Dr Vidyapati of RIMS says: Generally any kind of food color is dangerous for the human body. During investigation, carcinogenic chemicals have been found in food colour. This toxic chemical has a bad effect on the human brain. The chemicals found in food colors are neurotoxic, which have negative effects on the heart, kidneys and stomach. Consuming it in excessive amounts increases the risk of cancer. Children are affected the most. This causes difficulty in thinking, understanding and calculating. Immunity may become weak. At the same time, if Rhodamine-B remains in our body for a long time, it can harm many organs including the liver. Food allergy may be the initial symptom.

Nowadays colors are being used in every street food, which is dangerous.

Dietician of RIMS, Dr. Kumari Meenakshi said that food color is not harmful if used in small quantities. Nowadays color is being used in every street food. Food colors promote cancer cells. Cheap food colors are being used to give bright colors to Hawa sweets. If food color contains Rhodamine-B, it is dangerous. This synthetic dye gives different color to clothes, paper and leather products, which, when reached from mouth to stomach, causes damage to the cerebellum. Ellora Red has been approved as a food color under food safety standards. The standards for its use are also fixed. Only seven ml can be adulterated in one kg. If it exceeds this, it is no less than poison.

If harmful chemicals are found in Hawa sweets, it will be banned

Food Safety Officer Subir Ranjan said that synthetic colors are being sold in the market. There is a need to stop this. Its use in food items is causing physical harm. Under food safety standards, food color is allowed to be used only at 100 ppm per kg. Whereas, people making food items are not paying attention to this standard. Food items are being tested every day through mobile food testing lab. Penalty is being imposed if food color is found in excess of the prescribed quantity. Awareness is also being created. FSSAI Ranchi has been given the responsibility of sampling Hawa Mithai available in the city. If harmful chemicals are found in Hawa sweets, it will be banned.

Rhodamine-B is harmful for the body

Recently, Hawa sweets were tested in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, in which synthetic dye was found. The name of the chemical is said to be Rhodamine-B, which has been confirmed to promote cancer cells when dissolved in the body. This is the reason why the sale of Hawa sweets has been banned under the Food Safety and Standards Department 2006. Rhodamine-B is used in textile industry. This chemical is harmful for the human body. When it enters the body through food, it can cause oxidative stress in tissues and cells, which in case of long-term exposure can cause cancer or damage the liver. So far, there have been few cases of its effect on humans, while research conducted on animals shows that consumption of less than 150 grams can have potentially fatal consequences. Rhodamine-B has been placed in the carcinogenic category in many countries of America and Europe.


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