Haunted Places Of Indore: This is the most haunted place of Indore, where even today there is a haunt of ghosts.

Haunted Places Of Indore: Indore is a city of India located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is the largest city in Madhya Pradesh and the third largest city in urban area. Indore is also known as “Heart of Madhya Pradesh”. But do you know that there are many haunted places in Indore too where people are afraid to go…

M.G. road

haunted place

There is MG Road in Indore about which many stories are popular. There was a time when many people lived in this building, but nowadays paranormal activities started happening at this place. It is said that a woman had committed suicide here and her spirit still wanders here.

broken hut

haunted place

One of the haunted places of Indore is Footi Kothi. Which is a haunt of ghosts. Scary sounds come from this house at night. Although people come here for picnics during the day, coming here at night is prohibited.

Indore’s pot bridge

haunted place

Talking about haunted places, let us tell you that there is a flower pot bridge between IPS School and AB Road, which is one of the scary places of Indore. Here a woman wearing a white saree is seen at night. Many accidents have happened here, in which people have lost their lives.

Lal Bagh Palace

haunted place

People come from far and wide to visit ‘Lal Bagh Palace’ of Indore. But as soon as evening comes, this place is vacated. Because every day strange sounds are heard from here. It is said that many souls of Holkar dynasty still wander in Lal Bagh Palace at night.

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