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Hanuman Ji Ki Aarti: Do Hanuman Ji’s Aarti on Tuesday, you will get relief from all troubles.

Aarti of Hanuman Ji: By worshiping Bajrangbali on Tuesday, the devotees get freedom from troubles and all their wishes can be fulfilled. There is special significance of performing his Aarti after reading Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday. By reciting Hanuman ji’s aarti, all the sorrows and troubles of life go away. It is believed that Shanidev also showers blessings on Hanuman devotees. By performing Aarti of Lord Hanuman on Saturday, the wrath of Shani Sadesati and Dhaiya also reduces.

How is Hanuman ji recited?

Hanuman Chalisa can be read in the morning or evening by sitting on a red colored stool. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa seven times gives special results. There is a couplet in Hanuman Chalisa that ‘Ghosts and vampires do not come near Mahavir when the name is heard’. To get rid of fear and phobia, reciting Hanuman Chalisa is considered very beneficial. After reading Hanuman Chalisa, do his aarti.

How to worship Hanuman ji daily?

First of all, worship Lord Ram and Mother Sita by lighting incense sticks or lamps and then worship Shri Hanuman. During the puja, offer red clothes, vermilion and red flowers to Shri Hanuman. Now put jasmine oil in cotton and keep it in front of Lord Hanuman. Perform Aarti after reciting Katha, Sundar Kand and Hanuman Chalisa.

What is the right time to worship Hanuman ji?

In religious scriptures, worshiping Bajrangbali in the evening has been said to be auspicious. It is also said in astrological remedies that reciting Hanuman Chalisa or Sunderkand by lighting a ghee lamp after 8 pm at night is auspicious.

Hanuman Ji Ki Aarti: Hanuman Ji Ki Aarti

Let us sing the glory of the baba Hanuman. Wicked Dalan Raghunath Kala.

Girivar trembled with the force. Diseases and defects should not come close.

Anjani’s son is very powerful. Lord always supports the children.

Give it to Bira Raghunath. Lanka continues to bring Siya Sudh.

Lanka is like a vast ocean. Caste did not bring Pawansut bar.

Lanka continues to destroy demons. Siyaramji’s work was done.

Lakshman fell unconscious. And bring life back to life.

Paithi Pataal Tori Jamkare. Uprooted Ahiravana’s arm.

Kill the demon group with your left arm. Right arm Santajan Tare.

Sur-Nar-Muni Jan performed the aarti. Jai Jai Hanuman chanted.

Kanchan Thar Kapoor flame prevailed. Anjana mai performing aarti.

Which Raghurai did the destruction of the lanka. Tulsidas sang the praises of Prabhu.

Who sings the aarti of Hanumanji. Basi Vaikuntha attains supreme status.

Let us sing the glory of the baba Hanuman. Wicked Dalan Raghunath of art.


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