Had to appeal to the Supreme Court, then after a year Deoghar police registered a case of theft

Deoghar News: It took more than a year for the police of Kunda police station in Deoghar to register an FIR for a simple theft incident. For this the applicant had to appeal even to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Whereas the Supreme Court has directed that in whatever complaint is received under the non-bailable section, an FIR has to be registered within 24 hours. In such a situation, it is natural to raise questions on the working style of the police. In fact, a year ago, on August 20, 2022, rims, tires and other items were stolen from a truck parked near Jai Mata Di Fuel Center, Kunda, located on the Deoghar-Sarath main road under Kunda police station. After the incident, the said truck owner, Amit Kumar, resident of Chheet Panchudih village of Sarawan police station area, had given a written complaint in Kunda police station on August 31, 2022 itself. 13 months after this incident, on 22 September 2023, the police has registered an FIR in Kunda police station.

According to the truck owner, the police kept telling him to investigate the matter, but did not take any action on time. It took more than a year for the police to investigate the matter and 13 months after the incident, a case of theft of truck rim, tire and other items was registered. The truck owner had to struggle a long time to register the FIR. In this regard, he corresponded several times to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court, the Chief Secretary of the State, the DGP, the IG of Santal Pargana and the Deoghar SP, the Registrar General of the Supreme Court, and the Chief Secretary of Jharkhand. Information was also sought from the DGP and DIG of Santal Pargana under the Right to Information Act. Information was provided from the Supreme Court that the truck owner’s complaint has been converted into a PIL.

First applied to SP, then wrote letter to Chief Justice of Supreme Court

Truck owner Amit told that on August 31, 2022, he had given a complaint at Kunda police station. When his application was not received, he again lodged a complaint with the Hello Police at Kunda police station and received it on September 2, 2022. Despite this, when no action was taken, after 15 days he gave an application to the SP and sent its copy to the DGP of Jharkhand along with Santal Pargana DIG. Even after this, he did not get justice, so he wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of the High Court along with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and sent a copy to the Chief Secretary and DGP of Jharkhand Government. Months passed in this process and no status of action was received. After this he sought information from the Registrar General of the Supreme Court under the Right to Information Act. He also sought the same information from the Chief Secretary, DGP and DIG of Jharkhand under the Right to Information Act.

The truck owner was informed by the Supreme Court that his complaint has been converted into a PIL. Chief Secretary and DGP were instructed to provide information to SP office Deoghar under Section 6 (3) of the Right to Information Act. Despite not providing information, the truck owner appealed to the police headquarters after a month. After this, IG Human Rights directed SP Deoghar to provide information to the truck owner. Despite this, the information has not been provided to the complainant till now and no reason has been given for not providing the information.

  • The theft took place on August 20, 2022

  • Complaint given on 31 August 2022

  • Case registered on 22 September 2023

  • It took the police 13 months to investigate.

  • Truck owner struggled a long time

Truck owner had given complaint in Kunda police station

Truck owner Amit had applied to register an FIR at Kunda police station on 31 August 2022. It is mentioned that his truck was standing for 10 months due to roadside breakdown near Jai Mata Di Fuel Center Kunda. It is mentioned in the application that on the night of August 20, 2022, the rim, two tyres, two jacks, wrench, rod and utensils of his truck were stolen by unknown thieves. The value of the stolen goods was said to be Rs 70 thousand. He had gone to Delhi for his wife’s treatment, hence on returning he applied late at the police station.

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