Gumla: A mad man hacked his neighbor to death with a knife, also injured his mother and two children.

In the ultra-militancy affected Tendar village of Ghaghra block, a deranged Chhotalal Oraon murdered Dheeraj Munda (42) by cutting his leg. Vikshit also attacked Dheeraj’s wife Basmati Devi (40), son Dashrath Munda (7) and daughter Mukti Kumari (9) with a hanger, due to which all of them were seriously injured. Due to the efforts of the villagers, the police has arrested the accused. Meanwhile, the body of the deceased has been sent to Gumla Sadar Hospital for post-mortem and the injured for treatment. Villagers told that Chhotalal Oraon is partially insane. On Tuesday afternoon, Dheeraj Munda and all his family members were resting inside the house after having food. At the same time Chhotalal reached Dheeraj’s house and started banging the door loudly. When Dheeraj opened the door, Chhotalal started saying: I am scared, hide me somewhere, send me somewhere. Saying this, Chhotalal picked up the leg kept next to him and started attacking the people present in the house indiscriminately. Due to deep wounds on his body at many places, Dheeraj died on the spot. At the same time, his wife and both children were seriously injured. After this Chhotalal kept roaming around the village carrying a cart. Due to fear the villagers were not going near him for a long time. Finally, by tricking him, the villagers caught Chhotalal and locked him in a room. On receiving information about the incident, SHO Tarun Kumar reached the spot with his team. Police recovered the body and sent it for post-mortem. After this the accused was arrested and taken to the police station.

Journalists helped the injured:

Many journalists had reached the village after receiving information about the incident. By then all the injured were lying on the ground soaked in blood. The police had not reached the spot. Due to the area being remote, vehicles were not available to take the injured to the hospital. Everyone lay injured for about an hour. After this, the journalist picked up the three blood-soaked injured in his personal car and took them to Bishnupur Community Health Center.

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