Guest teachers of Ranchi University surrounded FO, Registrar, DSW and Proctor for seven hours, police had to be called.

Ranchi: Guest teachers working in various colleges under Ranchi University locked the Registrar, DSW, Proctor along with the Finance Officer (FO) in the office for more than seven hours regarding need based teacher nomenclature and payment of honorarium pending for nine months at the University Headquarters. Kept surrounded for a longer time. All the guest teachers reached the University Headquarters at 12 o’clock in the day and when they did not meet the Vice Chancellor, they started demanding payment of Rs 57700 per month to the Finance Officer in-charge sitting in the Finance Officer’s office, considering them as need-based teachers as per the decision of the University. After not getting any clear information, all the teachers sat on strike outside the office of the Finance Officer.

…and started demonstrating
After some time, the proctor, registrar and DSW, who came to explain to the guest teachers in the office room of the Finance Officer, were also forced by the guest teachers to sit inside and started protesting outside. Many times heated arguments also took place. Meanwhile, the university administration also had to call the police as a precautionary measure. The police also tried to convince the guest teachers. Several rounds of talks were held with the officials, but things did not work out. The guest teachers remained on strike till late evening demanding payment of honorarium today itself.

He has been appointed as per the rules
Guest Teachers Association President Arvind Prasad and Vice President said that their appointment has been done as per the rules in the light of the government order. The university has also considered him as a need-based teacher, but is not paying the honorarium. Vice President Amit Kumar said that one of the agitating teachers felt dizzy, due to which all other teachers poured water on him and normalized him, but the university administration was not worried. After getting assurance from the officials late in the evening, all the teachers went back, but said that they would go on an indefinite strike for full honorarium payment.

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