Governor and Agriculture Minister showed different views on the construction of BAU auditorium, know what both said

At the 43rd Foundation Day function of Birsa Agricultural University (BAU), the Chief Guest, Governor and Special Guest, Agriculture Minister gave different priorities regarding the proposed large auditorium construction in the institute. In a program organized in the institute campus on Monday, Vice Chancellor Dr. Onkarnath Singh thanked the minister for the fact that consent has been given for the construction of a big auditorium in the institute. It will be constructed soon.

He said that due to lack of auditorium, big national and international events cannot be organized. Minister Badal said during his speech that I have given my consent for the construction of a big auditorium. This was an old demand of the institute. which I have completed.

There are many big halls in Ranchi, I would not have given them if I had been a minister: Governor

The chief guest of the ceremony, Governor cum Chancellor CP Radhakrishnan, got a chance to speak, he said that if I were the Agriculture Minister of this state, I would not have allowed the university to construct an auditorium. He argued that there are many big halls in the capital. Where such national-international programs can be organized. The university needs to work in the field of student welfare, research and education.

How to reach maximum farmers should be the priority. The priority of the institute is different. I am not anti-development. But everyone has different priority. There are many institutes related to agriculture in the state. They need to work together. BAU has done good things in recent times. Many varieties have been released. Make it reach the farmers. Make the institute a center for glory.

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