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Gorakhpur: The temperature of the enclosure of animals and birds in the zoo will be 25 degrees.

Gorakhpur: The zoo administration is making arrangements to protect the animals and birds living in the Shahid Ashfaqullah Khan Zoological Park of Uttar Pradesh from cold, due to which the animals and birds will feel warm even in the cold. The temperature of all the enclosures in the zoo will be kept around 25 degrees Celsius. For this, VRV AC (Variable Refrigerator Volume) will be installed in the snake house. Due to this, as soon as the temperature of the snake’s house is below 25 degrees, it will start and will stop as soon as it is controlled. At present there are more than 275 animals and birds, big and small, in the zoo. In Gorakhpur too, cold is gradually showing its effect. Keeping this in view, the zoo administration has started taking measures to protect the animals and birds from the cold. After the end of summer and rainy season, just as their food was changed, similarly 35 heaters, 20 blowers and one more were arranged in their living place to protect them from cold. The temperature of the water increases during the winter season. Therefore, the water of turtle, crocodile, hippopotamus and other aquatic animals will be changed every day. Straw will be arranged for bonfire in the deer enclosure complex.

The food of animals and birds living in the zoo has been changed in the cold.

A blower will be installed in the night sale of tiger, leopard, hyena and other animals. Heaters will be installed in the night cells of jackal, fox, monkey and bear. The zoo administration will switch on and off the blower and heater from time to time to maintain the temperature. With this, all the deer species will roam outside the enclosure. In such a situation, the zoo administration has arranged straw for them. Zoo Medical Officer Yogesh Pratap Singh said that the food of the animals and birds living in the zoo has been changed from October 25. Now, to protect them from cold, arrangements have been made for blowers and heaters. It will be made operational from the last week of November. Apart from this, since the snake house is closed from all sides, VRV ACs will be installed there. A curtain of mats will be placed outside the bird house so that they do not feel cold.

Tiger’s diet increased from 12 kg to 14 kg

The food of animals and birds living in Ashfaqullah Khan Zoological Park of Gorakhpur has been changed in winter. In the zoo, the food of some animals and birds has been increased and that of some has been reduced, for example, the food of a tiger has been increased from 12 kg to 14 kg. The food intake of leopard and hyena has been increased from 4 kg to 5 to 6 kg. The food intake of jackal has been increased from 1 to 1.5 kg and that of fox has been increased from half to 1 kg. Rhinos, which eat vegetarian food, have been allowed to meet on other days. Sweet potatoes and bershin will be given along with the food. Apart from food, other animals including all species of deer and monkeys are being given good food. The bears are getting 50 to 100 grams of honey every day along with vegetables and fruits. Apart from this, donations to birds have been increased and the quantity of water has been reduced. At the same time, snakes are being given a rat or rabbit once in 25 days.

Report: Kumar Pradeep


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