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Gorakhpur: Surgeon doctor accused of negligence, patient’s chest stapled on one side and stitched on the other side

A surgeon in a private hospital in Gorakhpur has been accused of negligence. The surgeon has performed a chest operation on wrestler Rajvardhan Singh, resident of Kudaghat. 38 stitches were placed after the operation. Whereas the victim alleges that the doctor had only recommended two-three injections. The victim’s mother alleged that after the two and a half hour long operation, one side of the chest was stitched with staples and the other side was stitched with threads.

The matter came to light when the victim’s health started deteriorating and he had to be admitted to another hospital. After which wrestler Rajvardhan Singh’s mother Renu Singh has accused the doctor and complained about it to the Chief Medical Officer and the police administration. Whereas the accused Dr. Shashikant Dixit has filed a complaint in the Cantt police station accusing the attendant of not paying the fee.

After the complaint of the victim’s mother Renu Singh, CMO Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Dubey has constituted a medical board and called both the parties. A decision in this matter can be taken today on Thursday. Accused Dr. Shashikant Dixit has filed a complaint in the Cantt police station after the attendant complained that there was no negligence in the surgery.

The doctor alleges that these people were already informed about the cost of treatment. Which was Rs 52300 in which a discount of Rs 10000 was given. They have deposited only Rs 15,000. Now he has to pay Rs 27300 more. To save this amount, they are making false allegations. Dr. Shashikant Dixit has demanded the police to return the remaining amount.

While talking to the media, Renu Singh, mother of the victim wrestler Rajvardhan Singh, said that her son Rajvardhan Singh is suffering from gynecomastia (breast enlargement disease) and they had consulted Dr. Shashikant Dixit at Timer Hospital in Mohaddipur. That this is a small operation. This operation takes 20 to 25 minutes and two-three stitches are required. Renu Singh alleges that her son has received 38 stitches. One side of his son’s chest was stitched with staples and the other side was sealed with a thread. When the son’s condition worsened, he had to be admitted to another hospital.

Report – Kumar Pradeep, Gorakhpur


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